There is no ‘Shaan’ in this Shahid Kapoor, Alia Bhatt starrer

So since everyone’s been wanting to make their ‘Shaam Shandaar’, PU MIRROR thought maybe it’ll let you know if you should BUCK IT or maybe CHUCK IT !


All About Shandaar
Shandaar is all peppy and colourful,with not much of a story to offer, its a story of Alia(Alia Bhatt) Pankaj Kapoor’s daughter and Jaginder Joginder (Shahid Kapoor) ,Alia’s sister’s wedding planner.The two are insomaniacs and a series of events bring them together and they eventually fall in love. The movie deals with the issue of  ‘Fat Shaming’ as Alia’s sister in the picture is chubby and her marriage is a business deal between two outwardly rich and otherwise bankrupt sindhi families.Her fiance constantly taunts her for being fat and the others show him down.
And then,like all bollywood movies,even Shandaar wraps up with a happy ending.
⭕️Shahid and Alia look Hot and their chemistry is even Hotter.
⭕️The sets,costumes and the disney feeling it gives you!
⭕️The father-daughter relation is just so SWEET.
⭕️Most importantly Shandaar is no Tears -No Drama.
❌Over the top Acting by most of the supporting cast.
❌An excess of PJs(Poor Jokes)
❌A very uninteresting Story Line.
All in all Shandaar is a one time watch and to enjoy it one needs to be free minded and have no high hopes. It is cute and colorful, and the best part is there is nothing to be sad about in the movie ,obviously except the movie itself (giggles).What makes it worth watching is the fact that its far far better than Welcome Back and Singh Is Bling. So yes, its Dusshera and what could be better than a bucket of popcorn and a Shandaar picture!
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