Therapy Isn’t That Bad Right?


In a country where almost, every other thing is tabooed, ‘therapy’ is a word used to define the status of lunacy. More often than not, you come across people who tell you ‘normal people’ don’t need therapy because the sane are quite capable of handling things “on their own” and don’t need a doctor to help them sort their lives. The general perception is that if someone is seeking therapy, there’s something grossly wrong with the way their brain functions. Only the insane need therapy, why would one need therapy if they’re ‘normal’?

My first question to all those people is, “What is normal?” Normality of the brain is a relative concept. In the words of Charles Addams, “What’s normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.” You might be better at dealing with even the worst of situations but the person sitting right next to you might crumble at the slightest thought of something like that happening to them. So, why judge?

Your kind of therapy might be talking it out to a friend and unloading whatever it is that is bothering you but why are people, who seek or plan to seek professional help for the same, judged to a point where they are made to rethink their decision even before it has been considered? The problem here lies in the fact that most mental illnesses, especially depression and anxiety, aren’t considered “real problems” and we’ve been taught to push them under the rug under in the name of sadness, instead of confronting the situation.

With depression growing at an ever increasing rate, especially amongst the youth and the middle aged people, it’s about time that we stop seeing therapy in a negative light. The pessimistic approach has only caused damage so far. People need to stop being condescending and making people with mental issues feel inferior for seeking help from a professional.

Everyone has their emotional outlets. Something they do or someone they talk to when stuff starts building up on the inside. Some sing, some dance, some smoke, some drink, some seek therapy. It is as simple as that. One doesn’t always have to absolutely emotionally damaged or traumatized to benefit from therapy.

If you think about it thoroughly, it’s the right decision. Isn’t it? If you know someone who can help you deal with your problems and manage things in a rather constructive way, isn’t it better to then let it all out and seek help instead of letting things build inside you which will eventually only do more damage than good? The saddest part is, even though it is a fairly ordinary process if you look at it objectively, social stigma related to the word therapy isn’t going to leave the minds of people anytime soon.

The best you can do is not let that stop you from seeking help if you need to. And if you’re someone who is already taking therapy and are vocal about it, remember, YOU’RE BADASS! Why? Because you’re doing what most people in this nation won’t be able to do, let alone, talk about it.


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