The Unsettling Enigma


It’s a mystery

How the blue of fire turns into reddish-yellow

For there’s no amalgam of several colors and their shades

to produce the effect we witness,

Closer inspection,

And I find out,

Beyond the breath-taking blue outline,

There is,

I’m sure, a transparent layer,

A layer of nothingness before red and yellow start their riot.

A scientific, chemical explanation exists,

Futile, for a mind like mine,

For I might jump with excitement

When I hear the cause and effect,

But I’m afraid that wouldn’t put my mind to rest.

And then I might actually personify fire,

For I would know the facts and settle for it,

But constantly revel up to unveil the mystery

Behind the waves of existence and destruction.


About the Poet

Avleen Kaur Lamba

Avleen Kaur Lamba (Sub-Editor, PU Mirror)

Dreamer, by all means. 
Poet, of the people. 
Self declared biggest fan of Audioslave.
Fascinated by Urdu, French, Spanish, Marathi, every other culture. 
Travels through Telepathy and Literature. 

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