The undisputed champions of Chandigarh; CTU Bus Service


Relief showers over us when we see the green or red hue with orange LED display in Chandigarh’s traffic. Yes, the CTU buses! The only means of travel for thousands of people in this city. These CTU buses never fail to amaze you with their apt frequency and the way they always stick to their ETA.

So here is a description of this wondrous creation for the privileged ones who have private vehicles to travel. Check it out!

1.  Undetectable extension charm
These buses are surely blessed with undetectable extension charm, because there is always room for one more in CTU buses! No matter how it is crowded already the back door closes in the end. Although it gets jam-packed in there but you reach your destination anyway, that matters.

2.  Technology-stricken population

The social networking species are so engrossed in messaging that sometimes they don’t even realize that they have missed their destination two bus stops ago.  Besides them, are the privacy intruders who prefer peeking through others’ chats than cursing the traffic like the rest of us?

3.  The Lalaloopsies –

These are the girls in their late teens or twenties. Hair glorified in some way or the other, perfectly winged eyeliner, lots of things on their lips, heels, etc., they won’t open the window because they need every strand of their hair to be intact more than you need breathable air. They will shift only an inch to make space for a whole person to stand. Yeah girl, your contribution for the betterment of world is highly appreciated!

4. Sweet aunties

Aunties who will fit you in the cramped spaces and keep smiling through these horrible times. They might meet you on daily basis and somehow their kind gestures never end. And sometimes, their goodness is so off the charts that you end up sandwiched between two of them, you know double protection!

5.  Bacteria coagulated handles-

The handles and poles which receive the touch of thousands of people, have the capability to cause an epidemic.

Note: WIPE your hands with sanitizer after using the handles.

6.  Undiscovered space to stand-

These are the spots which you discover serendipitously and wish to get it patented by your name. For example, the bonnet behind driver’s seat, aisle at the extreme back (it’s always unoccupied) or in front of the conductor’s seat. Keep calm and never give up searching.

7. Awesome conductor-

The only person having energy to yell in the whole bus and if it’s a lady conductor, then you know how that goes. By the way, Chandigarh has highest number of lady bus conductors. Salute! The conductor makes everyone buy the tickets, announces the oncoming stops, tells the driver when to open and close the doors, struggles with weird names while making passes, tolerates the passengers yelling to return the change for their 500 rupee note (which they give for 10 rupee fare), guides the lost passengers and even gives up the conductor’s seat to the needy. Who does all this in kalyug? Of course the bus conductor! Just told you.

CTU hacks on your digital notepad! Kudos this great bus service that gets you wherever you wanted to be day in and day out.

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