The ugly truth of life


The irony of life is “the truth”.

Casteism has been a part of our life, since always. We ourselves are so used to it at present, that it has become a part of our living. We can’t go on without asking the other person where they are from and indirectly analyzing what their caste might be. Whenever we meet someone new, doesn’t “Where are you from?”, that comes naturally, indirectly reflects how “casteist” we are born?

There are some of us, having liberalized thoughts and ideologies, making it possible that we do not discriminate much. Some of us, belonging to OBC, SC, ST or in fact any minority, have fortunately met a few of those ‘liberal minds’ and have saved themselves from the harshness of casteism.

Is our life only meant for this? Aren’t we somehow becoming the puppets in the hands of the older generation?

Not everybody is meant to rule. Similarly, everybody doesn’t have to witness the harshness of life, that too the one solely human made (casteism, racism etc).

If you think about your favorite actor or actress, then you’d realize that very rarely would any of them be of the darkest complexion. There are some people who say, “If Priyanka and Deepika would have been fairer, they would have been the most prettiest.” But hey, is color everything when it comes to beauty? And if you think that you are not a racist, then my friend you are wrong. Ever witnessed two girls walking together (one being fair and the other being dark) and being called Milk or Chocolate, only because of their color? (Also, you would only find creams in the market that makes you fairer, not a single one to make you darker or tanned)

Caste, color and ethnicity does not determine your talent. That is what it is, beauty is not proportional to skin color. Our thoughts need not be so low, that we are unable to differentiate between right or wrong.

If Jats want the quota, let there be a peaceful protest, nobody else from outside should come, brainwash those few who rarely use their brains and change the whole scenario. Are you afraid of being alone? You certainly can’t follow the crowd mindlessly, without giving things a thought as in what you are about to do and why would you do that? In Haryana, houses and shops were burnt, females were raped and many other types of atrocities, that one could imagine, were committed.
If the so-called Jat Aarakshan took place in Haryana, you then have no right to chase a person, regarding her/him as a conspirator, who is living peacefully and has no truck with whatsoever happened in that State.

There are so many things that go unnoticed. Find out the truth yourself, if you want to. If you are counting that rumors would lead you to the truth, open your eyes and grow up, rumours are not true.

God will only be found, if you search him truly, with great passion. It is hence, mostly  better to know the ugly truth, rather than being covered by the white lies, although both are fine with giving contentment.

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