The Tuck Shop Guy: Savior of College life


Don’t worry; we’ll get the notes from the tuck shop.” In all honesty, we all have come across this thought more often than we have actually thought about completing our notes.

Among the other things (people) that Goswami Ganesh Dutta Sanatan Dharam College (Sector 32) is famous for, Mr. Ravinder Singh, popularly known as the ‘Tuck shop wale Bhaiya’, holds a very important position in the list. With him becoming an integral part of the SD family, it becomes inevitable to talk about this man.  With his little tuck shop possessing a wide array of items of everyday use ranging from a basic pen to the notes for the entire semester, he has acted as a savior multiple times and made the lives of the students a lot easier. Being a localite, he has been working here for the past 15-16 years. “I remember how it all started. There wasn’t a proper outlet for selling the merchandise and hence, I was introduced to this college. It’s all been a great experience till now, with numerous funny and interesting memories.  But what I miss the most is how humble the students used to be”, he said.                                        

“To be very honest, life would have been totally different and very difficult indeed, with us spamming our friends all the time and pleading for notes. It’s such a relief that this place exists”, exclaimed Simrat Gill, a first year student who came to acquire Psychology notes.

Let’s just confess that our presence in lectures would be much consistent, with class notes much more organized, had there not been a one simple solution to almost all our problems. It won’t be wrong to claim that this man knows a lot more about our syllabus than we ourselves do. (Guilty much?) And this all day long assistance so provided by the Tuck Shop plays a pivotal role in each and every college as these people exactly know how lackadaisical we are in writing up the notes.

It’s more of our favorite spot to go to and we’d miss our lectures but our daily pilgrimage to this little happening renowned hub is a must! Oh, and not to forget; with exams almost around the corner, you’re going to be so grateful to this man (for your entire lives), given the last minute assistance with notes, that he’s going to provide you with.

Cheers to the tuck shop and our very own Tuck Shop Wale Bhaiya! And yes, do mention the name of the guy in your college tuck shop in the comments below to let yourself remind how important he is in our college life.

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Japleen Kaur (GGDSD College 32)

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