The True Essence Of Epiphany!





|a moment of sudden and great revelation or realization|

That being explained, I’m pretty sure all of us have had a great deal of them. Some happy, some shocking, some devastating. Now I don’t know where to categorise this next epiphany I’m about to disclose. It could be a repeated fact to some broken souls, or a blow to the core for some. And mind you, whether or not you choose to believe this fact, it in no way changes it’s presence in everyone’s life by even an ounce. So here goes,

    “People are allowed to terminate toxic relationships. They’re allowed to walk away from people who hurt them. There allowed to be angry, selfish and even unforgiving. They do not owe anyone an explanation or forgiveness for taking care for themselves.”

In simpler words, anyone around you, your closest friend, a significant other, your own family (like estranged families) have every right to want to have nothing to do with you, all of a sudden and forever, with being entitled to have no obligation to explain a single thing. Now, from an ethical and psychological point of view, this would be an ideal outcast move. Something a human would only do if they’re extremely disturbed, mentally or emotionally. But practically or realistically, it is a completely plausible tactic for one to rid themselves of the toxicity that could long have been poisioning them. Think about it, haven’t you ever just let go of someone without a specific reason? Left them hangin’ for the sake of your own sanity?

For you it must’ve been a fresh breath of air, just rewind a bit, and this time, instead of thinking of your sole self, put yourself in their shoes, how they felt when one of their anchors let go ( if they cared enough that is, if not, they’re just proving they really did a good job of a venomous snake in your pool of existence).

Envisage how they must’ve hurt, with every shred  of you that you ripped from them all of a sudden, kinda like ripping off a bandaid, just a lot worse. Vacating the spaces they had reserved especially for you inside them, taking with you broken pieces of every memory you ever made, for the shards to keep stabbing them your and again, each time they reminisce the north you had. Cogitate, the sleepless nights they would’ve spent pacing around their bed, bawling over why, one of the rays of their sun just up and left at the flip of some unknown switch. The fiery wars inside their minds, blaming themselves one way or the other, convinced that it must’ve definitely been something idiotic that they didn’t even commit, that drove you so distant, ultimately resulting in the arousal of immense self hatred. It’s all downhill from there isn’t it.

To yourself, it’s relief and relief thereon. But on another side of the coin, if the same happens to you, you being left abandoned and distraught by someone so dear, that would just ba an unacceptable sin to you, with severe repercussions to the supposed sinner isn’t it?

Try finding the logic in there somewhere and if you do, spread the word.

It’s time that we brought equality into emotions.

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Taanisha Vashisht (DAV College 10)
An intrepid young lady having no sense of following the written directives with a myriad vocabulary and limitless sarcasm. A voracious writer and avid traveller always in search of a new conundrum to unfold.

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