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If you don’t like the way the world is, you change it. You have an obligation to change it. You just do it one step at a time.”
―Marian Wright Edelman

AS also Margret Mead says a small group of thoughtful people is the only requirement when change stands waiting on our doorsteps for the gates to get open.

In the wake of a Jamia Millia Islamia diktat barring its girl students from taking permission for returning to their hostels after 8 PM, students of DU, JNU and Ambedkar University had written to the Delhi Commission for Women alleging similar gender bias at their varsities.

The female students living in  Delhi seem more vocal than us in putting forward their demands and questioning their rights as far as freedom of women is concerned ,their thought that ,” A safer city is only possible when women, especially young women who are willing to challenge patriarchal norms and regulations, are able to roam around, inhabit and negotiate the city and its public spaces on their own terms.” It
is courageous as well as experimental keeping in mind the notorious and sinful image of the national capital.
At Panjab University Campus same is felt but not volubly expressed by the students regarding the hostel timings set for girls ,while boys are allowed to return to the hostel at anytime of the night , the female students are expected to return back by 10’o clock which can be extended till 10:30 for six times in a month. It is as much  an issue of freedom , independence , safety and empowerment of  women as also a punch in the face of the hypocrisy that rules the present age that believes that confining women inside their homes or hostels is for their own safety. At one point , we may agree with such a view point but how does this bias stand in front of a university ? A place that is creating thinkers and scholars without any prejudice of gender, that provides a 24 hour library facility to its students ,but does not amend the hostel timings within or outside the campus.
‘Equality’  has become an incomprehensible term which eludes understanding ,again and again but  its chase shall  never end. what is more important is the change in perception that is required as far as girls are concerned

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