I’ve built a castle

It’s big with its high walls

And tall towers

Yes, like Rapunzel

I’m waiting in one tower

But I won’t let down my hair

For when I do, and you come in,

The leaves of my castle trees,

They will ruffle with your small talk;

Let’s quit the pretence,

For I want to know your fears,

I want to be your strength.

Ask me about my darkest past,

And bring light into my future.

I know it’s difficult,

Hard enough that you should let me go.

Won’t it be easier if we quit the small talk?

Reciting poetry,

Singing our favourite songs,

Reading out to each other,

But that’s all after this phase of small talk.

And I know I can’t,

I can’t indulge in this small talk,

And that’s why I will not let down my hair,

I am safe,

I am happy,

I am content,


In my tower.


Saugat Suri – Gargi College,DU


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