The Summer Challenge


It’s high time to pull up your socks and tighten your belts as summers are arriving. It’s time to lose fat and get in shape and look good. No more layers of clothes to hide your fat. So, here are some helpful tips to help you get rid of unwanted fat:

  • Choose your food wisely:

First thing first, whenever you are looking to get into shape cut down your junk food and processed food as they pack high sugars and a lot of unhealthy ingredients. Focus on unprocessed food items as they come along with a lot more nutrients; as for summers you will be eating lesser calories so you have to make sure you are eating right. Focus is the key and much needed at this point of time.

  • Protein rules:

Protein-rich foods require more energy to break down and digest as compared to carbohydrates or fats. So, each time you eat a protein-rich diet, you will have to give yourself enough time to digest it and drink enough extra water so as to meet your metabolic demand. This micronutrient holds the key whenever you are looking to shred some extra kilos for summer body. Having high protein and high fibre diet before bed is definitely a good idea.

  • Active Rest:

Usually people are seen talking after a working set or often roam around to have look at others, this is the time to act smart and add some floor cardio, the likes of burpees, mountain climbers etc; so as to burn more calories when others are busy chatting on the mobile or roaming around. Make sure this active rest doesn’t hamper your weight training session.

  • Hydrate yourself:

Last but not the least, water intake has to be on the higher side during summers or you might lose all your vital electrolytes during intense workouts, moreover kidneys need water to filter waste from the blood and excrete it in urine. It is very important to keep a check on your fluid intake as dehydration leads to cramps and injuries during intense physical training.

So, let your summer body rule!

About the Expert:

Yuvraj Anand (Fitness Expert)

Qualification: Transformation specialist,  S.W.E.A.T(HEAD COACH)

Experience: Been transforming clients from last 8 years.
My Goal: My goal is to be the stepping stone for people of all ages those who are looking to bring about good changes in their outlook and at the same time letting them explore their true genetical potential.

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