I was born free, yet was chained.

I was born bold, yet rules upon me were claimed.

I was born beautiful, yet was again and again body shamed.

I climbed mountains of success, yet I am weak,

I work more equally, yet I am not allowed at peak;

And I am one human who’s not given her right to speak.

Days, months, years and centuries have passed!

But my condition remains as poor as it was 3000 years ago,

Because our inhumane society just don’t let it go!

They feel I need a man to protect my dignity, for them I should only be known for my pure serenity.

They say all that defines me are my manners,

Nor my knowledge neither my award winning banners!

They say I should not drink and smoke like men do, because it is the assassination of ‘my good character not good health.’

My external beauty is my only wealth,

They say don’t wear short skirts this often because then you get raped and even faster forgotten.

You do not need to dream, that’s the job of your husband;

You just need to look pretty for him, so go apply that fairness cream.

You’re not who you want to be, they say; just a slave without any pay.

But if this is all what they have in stock then what I have will definitely leave them in a shock.

I’m my job, I’m my duty,

Therefore I don’t agree to live a life of pity!

Saying this on your face,

So just in case

You lose this race,

I will help you with good ideas to chase!

 About the author:

Vanshika Taank- Gargi College, DU


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