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The law department auditorium at Panjab University witnessed a myriad of talented performances on February 3rd and February 4th as a part of the event, Dynamite 2K17– ‘the road to Sparkles’. Dynamite is a talent hunt event which is organised by ‘Navsankalp‘- an independent charitable association, every year to provide a platform for various amateur artists to showcase their talents. The event consists of people who perform as dancers, musicians, anchors, models and comedians. The main idea behind organising this event, as mentioned by Stanley Chaudhary, a member of Ayaat band and the judge for music at Dynamite 2k17 was “to put up an event that is entertaining but also speaks for a cause.”

The event started with two dance performances, followed by a few words by Dr. Harpriya Kaur, the founder of the organisation, who enlightened the audience about the motto of Navsankalp. It is a student body organisation which was started by the students of DAV College in 2006. The organisation is a charity based association which provides financial aid for the treatment of children below the age of 17 years. It has direct links with hospitals like PGI and other government hospitals.

She also talked about the idea behind starting Dynamite “to provide an opportunity to the children who do not have access to a proper platform to showcase their talents.’’ She added, “Earlier it just used to be auditions for Sparkles.” She was joined by Stanley Chowdhary, who described his journey from a mere participant who had come to audition for sparkles in 2008 to coming as a judge for the very same event.

Photo-Credit: Gurkirat Kaur (MCM DAV 36)

Photo-Credit: Gurkirat Kaur (MCM DAV 36)

The shortlisted participants at dynamite would be given a chance to perform in Sparkles, which is a mega event where various famous celebrities perform. This year the guest of honour at Sparkles would be the famous Punjab singers Hardy Sandhu and Zora Randhawa.

The event was finally started by an awe-inspiring motivation check by the president of Navsankalp, Dhananjay Mumick wherein the crowd cheered “aye aye awesome” and was all stirred up for the fantabulous event that was to follow.

The performances and participations from the previous day had made the audience all the more anticipatory for the last day. Their enthusiasm could be seen rather heard in the perpetual hooting and the applauses. And it is more than safe to say that Dynamite delivered to the expectations of the crowd.  The streak of talented performers left the crowd awe-struck.

The outstanding share of the event was its variety of content and the diversity in participation. The performances ranged from- classical dances to hip hop, to popping and locking to even folk dances by not only college students but even kindergarteners; songs sung in Hindi, English, and Punjabi- even original compositions of the participants themselves!

However, as was evident by the cheering of the crowd, the most awaited performance was the dance performance by Advaya- the dance group from MCM DAV College for Women, which energised the crowd to a whole new level. It was followed by dance performances by SG Rocks and the Group Priyanka– a group of dancers from kindergarten who were able to secure a standing ovation from the audience for their amazing level energy and adorable expressions.

Meanwhile the news about the official ticket launch of Sparkles 2k17 was also announced. The tickets have been designed by Jatin, Vishal and Saurav- members of Navsankalp.

Photo-Credit: Gurkirat Kaur (MCM DAV 36)

Photo-Credit: Gurkirat Kaur (MCM DAV 36)

The first ticket, following the traditions of Navsankalp, was bought by the Professor in charge– Professor Ravinder Chowdhary, the second ticket was given out via an entry draw to one of the participants as memento in respect to one of the deceased member of Navsankalp- Rahul. The third ticket was bought by professor Rosy Aluvalia, the fourth by Sumita ma’am and the fifth ticket was bought by Dr. Harpriya Kaur. Following this, the tickets for sparkles 2k17 were announced to be officially open for sale.

It is commendable of Navsankalp to have organised such a huge event successfully and without any hassle. As said by Palak, PRO of Navsankalp, The manpower is our strength with 6 panel members, 400 general body members who work together. What is more important is that it is a solely student based organisation- from A to Z everything is done by the students.”

Dynamite was an event fully packed with artists exploding with talent in a search for the right platform to portray their passions. The turn out this year has raised the bar even more so for the next year’s Dynamite.

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