The Quest for an everlasting Content.


We really are trained to be dissatisfied with what we possess, it doesn’t matter where we start, we will eventually grow out the charm of that accomplishment and will further want more, set out on another path, leading to another place. Places that we in our hearts believe are the ones that’d give us content, a content that’ll get us our solace. Don’t we already know that the content we try so hard to achieve is forever diminishing? Starts to diminish right after the moment we accomplished it?

But we walk, pretending or rather, hoping, that the path that we’re set on is leading us to a place where we’d find our content, and after we get there we wonder if the content is what we’d imagined it to be in our hearts,slowly start to outgrow it and eventually set our controls for the heart of another destination, another place where we believe we’d be satisfied.

Wouldn’t it be easier if we’d just accept that we’ve been designed and wired to be constantly reaching out for more and keep walking the paths we walk? Deliberately keep chasing that forever shifting horizon in our heads, for that walk is what we are meant to do. Admit that there is no real reachable contentment at the place where we’re headed and it is just a vicious never ending loop, one destination reaching out to another, with diminishing content and struggling hope.

Isn’t a simple acceptance enough to turn the whole thing around, accepting that there is no lasting contentment to be found where we’re headed. Accepting that we’re not designed to ever stop, but to keep moving. Giving up that quest for contentment in the paths we walk, but just walk them because that’s what we’re meant for, because that is what keeps us thriving. Surprisingly, giving up that quest for contentment, will bring us right to it, giving us a content that’ll last forever, a content that lies not in the destinations reached but in the paths travelled with the admittance and acceptance of the truth, the truth about who we truly are.

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Avneesh Verma (Chandigarh College of Engineering, Sec26)

Avneesh Verma (Chandigarh College of Engineering, Sec26)


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