The Power of Subconscious Mind: NOT a Book Review


I recently read this book The Power of your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy. All life changing books – be it The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho or The Secret by Rhonda Byrne or Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill-  talk the same thing, but they all have a different way of explaining the same concept of mind.

Many readers (only 30% of people read, according to a research- the biggest irony) correlate to that author whom they feel connected to with their current life state. Maybe they got that book during a very down life state which made a deep impression on their heart and they tend to get bias for that book which is OK. At least they are better off than those pseudo readers who just read and never ever apply the life changing principles to their life. Of course, you might have had those 3-4 experiences where your wit played the part, but this article is for those who believe that there is something bigger driving them.

Does practicality matter when the universe is guiding you and maybe you are in that situation because of the universe? Overly practical people please don’t read this because you defy the rhythm of the universe by creating a negative environment in your interior life state which then manifests in the outer environment and create a negative environment for everyone. You are good at complaining but then do you have the results to show me where you achieved world class recognition through your work. {I am not saying I have achieved anything, but most practical people I have met are way too negative(being overly practical) and I kick those people out of my environment because I believe in something even bigger}.

So, the first thought I took from that book was that your action is your thought and the reaction to that thought is that the subconscious mind brings that thought into your environment.

Your subconscious mind is like a fertile garden, if you sow it with good seeds, a good harvest would await you but what most overly practical people do is they sow negative seeds and then they are the victims of depression, cancer and they further complain about why nothing in their life is good and this creates a ripple effect leading to a very low life state.

According to a research, in India, 90% of the youth is suffering from three major problems that are cancer,depression and loneliness because they are overly practical.

Secondly, overly practical people believe that life(being successful) is about owning the big house and the Ferrari’s but let me ask you with great love and respect…are these people remembered?

Was Nelson Mandela remembered for the big house he had when he was the president of South Africa or for the greater cause he looked for all where he served 27 years in prison. The purpose of life is to live life in such a way that when you leave -the world cries, which is served by the practical people.

Overly practical people think it’s only the reasoning mind (intellect) that matters but let me quote my Buddhist mentor DAISAKU IKEDA here,who holds 360 doctorates (just in case over practical people fight with me that it’s impossible to get so many doctorates) – “Intellect will play a very important role in the coming age. By intellect I mean refined wisdom, clear reasoning, profound philosophy and broad-ranging knowledge. We are entering an age when people will develop their intelligence and wisdom, infusing society with their new outlook.”

It’s your choice to find the bigger answers of life or fight for just having more and more materialistic things. Maybe we all can live in a harmonized society by helping each person which can make earth a peace filled land. 

So, to the overly practical people: You can serve people and not think of self always, as it leads to a stagnant life condition, and apply principles of the universe to move humanity in a much more positive way because at the end of the day all that matters is how many people you inspire and what value you create in it! 

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Debashish Bindra (DAV College 10)

A work in progress, interests are very diverse, serving humanity is the topmost goal of my life.


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