Is this the beginning to the end?

Now is when we start to fall?

Debaters to both foe and friend

Eventually obliged to all?

Perhaps we can put out of this

Electing leaders who will lead,

Not stuck in the paralysis,

Dreading most what we most need.

Each must give that all might gain,

Nor ought we shun the sacrifice,

Could we but bear the healing pain.

Equally, we’d pay the price.

Dependence on another’s will.

Assumes that we their coffers fill yielding even to their advice.

Election day seems sometimes like which crook,

Leaves just a slightly less repulsive taste.

Each Day the ugly, money sucking waste creates an urge to give them all the hook,

There are many, of course many who have died.

In defence of this the most precious right,

Opening their bodies to the night,

Not bred to have their dignity denied.

Do then for their sake more closely look.

At each contestant, through with the political parties laced.

Your votes affirms your power to decide,

Your power to decide, your power to DECIDE.


Vanshika Taank – Gargi College,DU


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