The Political Maze of TAJ


In a country blooming with poverty, unemployment, and sexism, you might think that the government would be spending all their time and energy on trying to tackle these issues. You might also naturally assume that in this country of religious extremists, the government would be working towards filling the wedges in between. And you couldn’t be more wrong.

When Taj Mahal, a monument that involuntarily transpires the feeling of amazement and pride inside every Indian, becomes a victim of the diligently led political campaign, one starts to question the viability of the government we’ve chosen for ourselves.

In a recent news report, we came across two scenarios, which vividly highlighted the blatant Muslim hatred and gullibility of people living amongst usThe first instance is when the Uttar Pradesh government, successfully omitted the mention of the World’s Seventh Wonder and lifeline of the people of the state, claiming that it didn’t deserve to be on the list because it was built by a Muslim emperor. This was followed by a loud outcry among the opposition, trying to question the motive of the state’s tourism behind omitting Taj Mahal, simply because it was built by Muslim emperor in a Hindu-majority country.

The second instance was when some of the hard-line Hindu nationalists tried to make a preposterous claim, that the Taj Mahal was not a Muslim tomb but a Hindu temple called “TejoMahalaya”. This issue was further fuelled by all the WhatsApp news analysts, Facebook anthropologists, and Wiki historians, who spread this false news in such a manner that people stopped looking for reasons to strongly support this claim and started demanding absurd actions from the government.

One of the leaders of BJP, Vinay Katiyan, went ahead and prominently asked the government to ‘change the name and identity of Taj Mahal’ and to acknowledge it as a Hindu temple built by a Hindu ruler. The situation was supported by another BJP member, Sanjay Somwho labelled it as a blot on the Indian culture, built by traitors. The historians were frustrated by the claim that Taj Mahal was a temple, stating the facts that it was one of the most documented monument of its times and there is no trace of it being of any Hindu religious importance in the books.

This resentment that we experienced, almost pushed the biggest, most hyped about the monument of India, out of the margins of history and into destruction. These two instances are an apt example of how we as Indians, are still miles away from development. We are living in a society run by politicians, ready to fuel any issues which get them majority supporters.

We are constantly being diverted away from the real problems and are being led towards futile rivalries. In our so-called “secular” country, we have to work hard on our approach when it comes to dealing with a foreign religion.

 It is high time to come to terms with a fact that a country with diverse religions, a large number of languages, literature and colossal storehouse of the heritage of every religion, cannot be one-sided and instead requires to develop a holistic approach for the overall development of the nation and it’s citizens.

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Shivangi Sharma (SD College 32)

Nothing worth having comes easy. Good things happen to those who work their asses off to make their dreams happen. Hi, I am Shivangi, a creative writer with the imagination of a child who dares to think that anything is possible. I believe that it is very important to be opinionate and to find ways to voice what we believe in.



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