The Perfect Weekend

Late to bed, party, shopping, great company…relax, what else did you expect? It’s a perfect weekend or a perfect start for the next day! 
Friends and family are the best ingredients for the perfect weekend! Wherever you go, may it be a beach or a resort, the people with whom you go matter the most. Wouldn’t you agree?
To speak of the writer of this article, the perfect weekend would be one with friends and family on the countryside, with good food, good music, lying under the stars, going for long drives, cooking, singing and playing together. All these things add to the happiness.
But have you ever felt that your weekends fly by too fast, so much so that you find less time to craft memorable, relaxing and productive weekends for yourself? Well while weekends might seem to go quickly, they are longer than we think. 
Friday beer and that 6AM Monday alarm clock. Even if you sleep for 25 of those hours, that leaves 23 waking ones. That’s plenty of time for fun, relaxation and more importantly, for rejuvenating your soul. In this competitive world, successful people know that great weekends are the secret to workday success.
Here are tips for making your weekends perfect :- 
. Do make a plan
. Do stretch yourself occasionally
. Do spend some time planning your work
. Go for a drive
. Don’t forget to exercise
“Weekends are for relaxing but a perfect weekend can be spending time with friends and family, enjoying, sharing both happiness and sadness with them”, says Simran Arora, a mass communication student of BBK DAV College said,
Keshav Mahajan, a BBA student of DAV College said, “A perfect weekend can be spending time with parents, grandparents and with dogs and also going on a long drive with friends can make a weekend perfect”.
Perfect weekend starts and gets over, but stays forever in your memory. You want weekends that leave you refreshed, not exhausted or disappointed, so you can give Monday a head-start!

About the Author:

Mansi Arora (BBK DAV College for Women, Amritsar)

Ambitious to have new experiences and also about event management.


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