The Peccadillo!


It was the winter’s dark,

I could hear no bark.

The snow had wrapped the land in white,

There was still a little bit of the moon’s light.

The dog did not want to go outside,

But as a pet what we said he had to abide.

Grandma had already sent the dog out for a walk,

Unaware of the beast we were about to talk.

The lights were already out as it was a white night,

The dog was long gone out of our sight.

Three of us took our torches

 And went outside to look for the dog,

Vociferously started calling his name

Standing by a log.

We searched for hours but the pet was not found

And due to midnights cold we had to leave the ground.

Hopes were still high

That the dog would be back by the dawn

And we would find him playing in the lawn.

Unfortunately the luck that day

Was not on our side,

As we saw the dog lying dead

By our snow slide.

For the dog on the neck was acrimoniously bitten,

It was surely the deed of the monstrous kitten.

Had not the dog been sent outside

Probably he would still have been alive.

It was our Peccadillo,

The dog was heedlessly eaten

As a tribute the name ‘BRUNO’

On his grave was written.

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About the Author:

Digvijay Thakur (GGDSD College 32)

Football freak, travel and trekking enthusiast. An army school alumni and Indian Army aspirant.
I believe in living a life less ordinary.

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