The overrated colour of Fairness


I saw this advertisement in the paper a few days back and it was for men’s fairness cream. What’s new? Many times we listen to girls (not all of them) around us, saying they need a scarf because they will get a tan or they cannot go out because the sun is harsh, and what not!

Frankly, it’s weird. I am sorry I know it sounds harsh but, it is the truth. So, this is not the only factor which contributed to this rant-turned article. I watched a Hindi movie (I shall not name names) and the people there, were just ridiculous (the biggest mistake of my life, really)! Does this so-called concept of ‘fairness’ really mean so much? It’s like in every two minutes someone makes a comment related to it (in the movie). “Kitne sunder dikh rahi hai. Chehra to dekho doodh jesa gora hai.” Or perhaps, “Ussko dekho kitni sunder hai, aur apni shakal dekho. Pathar jaisi kali shakal!”

And please do not take this as me being an antagonist to someone’s fair colour. It is simply a matter of fact where people go overboard, when it comes to fairness. They make others feel downtrodden for having some different shade of skin-colour.

Enough about the movie, let us all reminisce our past. Especially, I think the female counterpart would relate more. Remember when older women around, the neighbourhood aunties and the relatives, used to say not to drink tea because it would make us dark? Even as a young kid it would make us mad, because we never really understood the importance of being ‘fair.’ Seriously, in a country where Gods are supposedly dark coloured, shouldn’t people be slightly less judgemental and discriminative on that ground?

No really, I have still been unable to grasp the concept. It totally confuses me! What exactly is it about the colour that it gets people to go crazy over it? And what is their problem with the Sun? Leave the guy alone, okay? He sustains us!


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Tanya Bhatia (MCM College 36)

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