THE OS WAR: Your guide to choosing the perfect OS


In the past few years, there have been huge advancements in the Mobile OS sector. New times have reduced the instability of OS and thus rivalry between different operating systems is rising day by day.
On the basis of individual needs, different people prefer different operating systems.  Some of us like iOS, some Android and others prefer Windows. This issue is always in moot. The three of them are entirely different altogether. Each has its pros and cons and you need one which suits your requirement!

If you are confused on which to choose from iOS, Android and Windows, then all you need to do is analyze your requirement!

If you want to complete your work in a simple yet powerful way, with maximum security but also crave for great and powerful applications, then go for a device with iOS. But remember, with maximum security come several setbacks such as not being able to being able to download a file from the Internet or customization.

If you like to customize your phone and do not care much about superior security then go for android.  Android has the maximum customization possibilities and does almost everything a PC can do from editing word files to downloading torrents. Who can beat that feature! Also an android phone results in faster battery discharges.

On the other hand, Windows is for users who basically need the essential applications with great security, real time multi tasking and nothing more than that from their device. It is simple, fast and fun.

Also, its battery consumption is much less as compared to iOS, which, on the contrary, has brilliant standby.
So, next time you plan to buy a device, go for the one that suits you and not the one that is popular. A smartphone should make your life easier not difficult.

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Sharib Parvez (DAV College 10)

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