The One That Got Away!


Quoth the perfect words in the right minute would he,

Lies as were they;

Beautiful lies,

Holding together 

my world 

from falling apart.

Everything I wanted to hear,

Everything I wanted in life,

The love I always envisioned of drowning into,

He was that deep.

He was that love.


Found me lost,

And abandoned me so,

as I endeavoured putting back pieces

of all the scrambled words

that flew around my head 

like little weights,

Butterflies they used to be once;

Butterflies around my head like a tiara woven for just me,

And like the butterflies in my belly,

Light as a butterfly,

They were heavenly,

And ravishing,

And flawless,

And there went the loophole;

The part that I missed,

The part which revealed the fact that flawless didn’t exist. 

Perfection was a myth,

My favourite myth,

And he my favourite liar!


Each time his lies fell drop by drop off the corners of my eyes,

Trickling down my cheeks,

His venom shed off,

And the truth revealed;

He wasn’t really the blessing that I believed his lying ass to be,

But a curse in disguise;


So beautiful, so enticing,

I couldn’t withstand 

Blinded to the truth of it,

I never realised,

In the course of finding the real him,

I lost my real self.


All the misery he brought,

The usual poets would poetically sugar coat his lies into sick-sweet words

And be tempted to take the drug ‘gain

captivated by its taste,

enslaved to the urge,

they’d consume themselves to the love that would consume them.

All over again,

But I wouldn’t.

I never would want back what’s gone.

For it’s gone for a reason.


I’d rather he’s gone.

“Fuck off,” I’d say.

The one that got away was he,

So would I let him be.

About the Author:

Gaurangi Gupta (DAV College 10)

A writer and poet, currently pursuing psychology honours. I love to watch Netflix and to read as much as I can. The goal is to never stop learning, because that’s when we hinder improvement and growth.
I also sing and play guitar and I’m an automobile enthusiast. Weaving words empowers me and helps me communicate my ideas with people and help them gain a perspective which challenges their own.



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