The Ocean is Six Miles Deep


Let’s smash computers

Let’s kill Rockstars
Let’s take a bowl
Let’s pour our hearts
We feed it to the wolves
Wolves inside it
Wolves eating wolves
Committing mass suicides
At this time of night
When the colors fade
Black meets black
Light fails to infiltrate
Let’s chase cats on internet
Double tap on impossible
With a heart full of despair
Let’s not fight for chairs
Here lay down with me
On this very flat asphalt
Let’s stay in dark for a while
To adjust our eyes to the infinite dark
Later on we can can look
Straight to the milky way
We’ll pretend to care about education
We’ll see the splendors
Of the moon and stars.
And if we’re lucky enough
We can leave our bodies behind
We’ll start it from the scratch
Create a big open wound
By the end of the night.
We’ll find something new to see
We’ll cure our other halves
Someone we never expected to be.
Our cold bodies will float
On this very dynamic deep blue sea.
And if you’re not going to ask me
How deep the ocean is
I’ll make sure that I ask you to ask me
Before we start fading in before committing a perfect crime.
Like an ironed shirt with no crease.
I still feel low when high.
I’ll sell our values for some bread
And some morals for the cheese
I’ll be immortal on Facebook servers
To tell this boring fact that ‘THE OCEAN IS SIX MILES DEEP’
About The Poet
Rohit Thakur (USOL)

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