The NEW Juvenile justice (Care and protection of Children) amendment Bill 2015


The Juvenile justice (Care and protection of Children) amendment Bill 2015 was passed by the Lok sabha in May. In Lok sabha the  NDA clearly indicated its idea and thanks to that, we were able to see politicians like Maneka Gandhi from the women and child development ministry, voicing their support and personal will to do anything for this Amendment. It was clearly the opposition who was in the way of this amendment. Leaders like Sashi Tharoor were seen to be more cared about the United Nations (UN) instead of the women of his nation.
After the Rajya Sabha passed it on December 22, the Bill only needs the Presidents consent to become a law. We have witnessed in the past session of the parliament how our leaders played with the feelings of the rape victims and just for their own political motives and aggression they withheld the bill. Day after day we saw the Rajya sabha being adjourned all because the politicians were not able to come to an agreement.
Let’s put this in the past and be thankful that the bill has been passed. Now let’s note down some points we need to look at in the bill that will replace the act in power since 2000.
* The bill will allow for Juveniles of 16 years or older to be tried as adults for crimes like Rape and murder that deserve detention up to 7 years or more.
* The bill gives a go for setting up Juvenile justice Boards and child welfare committees in every district. These must consist of one woman member who should be social workers.
* These boards will take the decision of trying the Juvenile as adult or not.
* The Juvenile Justice board will consist of a judicial magistrate.
* The law when in act will aim at disposing cases dealing with Juveniles keeping in mind “the best interest of the children and their rehabilitation.”
This bill does violate the UN laws and we can’t deny that. Here all we can say to the UN is that for the sake of your laws we aren’t risking the justice in our nation. Though UN is not so careless and till now nothing has come up from their side. The United States of America has been violating the UN human right laws for the past many years, be it Air strikes in Syrian and Iraqi cities in the name of bombing ISIS centres and let’s not forget the air strike on a hospital in the middle east where doctors from the organization “Doctors without borders” were killed in numbers.
Things are good in this Amendment and some are even not up to the mark. But we should take this as a step in the right direction.

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