The Martian: Rejuvenating SCI-FI love


“I’m going to science the shit out of this planet.” That’s abandoned astronaut Mark Watney’s  (Matt Damon’s ) battle cry when his NASA crew leaves him behind on Mars. And apparently the works of the director Ridley Scott enunciated the dialogue very well.

Left behind by the crew on the red planet and forced to abort the mission after being hit by a giant sandstorm, Mark is assumed to be dead and gone for good in the opening 10 minutes. For the next  approximately 2 hours, NASA tries its bests methods to ‘bring him home’ after receiving a shockwave that Watney is still alive! Not just alive, but the Botanist became the first of the Homo sapiens to grow organic food at his station to survive on the lifeless planet. Desperate times, desperate measures! The movie works on a slow and steady pace yet one cannot say that it is a drag. And that is the beauty of Scott’s adamant work.

The characters played by Sean Bean, Jessica Chastain, Kirsten Wiig, Jeff Daniels, Michael Pena, Donald Glover and others were brilliantly executed by the actors which strengthened the awesome sci-fi storyline. Damon’s bold and beautiful portrayal was being fueled by a volatile mixture of wisdom, endearing arrogance, and beguiling folly and, when the situation demands it, a kind of courage that knows no planetary bounds. Such a virtuoso piece of acting by Damon left the audience both in tears and a giggle. All thanks to the wily punch lines for the latter.

From the struggle of an astronaut on a place 55 million km away from home, to the great artistic works of camera and cinematography, to the crappy taste of Melissa Lewis in music (you get it when you see it), this 2 and a half hour movie is nothing but one hell of a ride to be witnessed, at least once. You people living in crowded cities-metropolis- go get the feel of surviving yet alone, alone. That feeling is exhilarating and intriguing. So go out and get the anticipating tour of our beloved neighboring planet which surely is going to leave you awestruck!

And yes, the latest discovery-water on Mars-well, who knows, what Scott made Damon do on the planet, might be everyone’s cup of tea soon in reality, not just to survive, but to give rise and sustain?

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Ankur Chhabra (PGGC 11)

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