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Elections results were declared for the university council elections of Panjab University (PU), Delhi University (DU) and Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU).  The results were unexpected in PU as a non political party came into power after a long time. In DU, Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) won the top 3 seats of council and 1 seat was won by NSUI. However, in JNU all the four seats were won by the left party.

The incident which took place in the JNU campus on the 8th of February (raising anti national slogans) made everyone think about the autonomy given to such student organizations and the need and extent of politics in a university campus. Some news channels even started calling JNU an “Anti national ka Adda”.

In reality , JNU is highly influenced by the leftist ideology (Marxist-Leninist) and has a unique culture. Instead of overly priced CCDs ,they have Dhabas . Debating is a part of their culture.One can openly dis-agree with a professor on any topic without the fear of getting low marks in internals or short attendance threats. But you have to listen to their take on the topic too. Elections are fought with simplicity and conducted by students. Empty Oil containers are used as ballot box and recycled paper is used as ballot papers.  There are no stickers, pamphlets, expensive cars and outsiders.

JNU always takes a seat in the front row whenever there is a threat to democracy. In September 1977 during the emergency , JNUSU president Sitaram Yechury along with other students of JNU demanded the resignation of Indira Gandhi as chancellor of the university as a protest against the emergency imposed by her , which she actually gave after the long protest.

Suggestions have been thrown around to shut down one of the most prestigious and academically enriched universities of the country that is actually affordable for students. The canvas media tries to potray a very different picture of the university. However, if we take a closer look at the students who have been to this university in the past, they have contributed significantly to not just our society, but our country as well. They have been in the cabinet, civil services and various other professions that have added value to the system.
With the mandate of this years council election the picture is clear that JNU will continue to follow it’s culture and traditions.  In my personal opinion JNU should not be known for anti-national activities but for it’s alumni and it’s active role in past.

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Vivek Kumar (UIET)

Currently under the process of being an Electronics Engineer. Passionate about reading and writing about Socio-Economic happenings in India. A Neo-liberal by ideology but also respects and welcomes leftist thinking. Believes that debates and discussions are integral part of a healthy democracy. Strongly believes in Gandhian ideology of “Ahimsa”. Wants to pursue career in public service.


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