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The Man from uncle finally released this weekend in India, two weeks after the global release. Was it worth the wait? For those of you that waited (I did). Definitely yes. It is a great fun spy movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It knows what it is and it enjoys itself. Can it be one of the best new spy movie franchise alongside Bond and Bourne series? No, it did have the potential but it just falls short of that lofty title. Regardless, you will enjoy these two hours immensely. So don’t hesitate to watch this one in the theatres.


So the good parts, there is a lot of good stuff in this movie and I’ll cover just the major ones that stand out. The basic plot is that an American spy, played by the British actor Henry Cavill and a Russian Spy, played by the American actor Armie Hammer need to join forces together to stop the polarising Elizabeth Debicki’s Character from starting a nuclear war. It is set in the 1960s, the era of cold war so obviously the spies don’t get along (try to kill each other) well at first. The chemistry between the characters is the most enjoyable part of the movie, and their on screen chemistry is just excellent to see, with the suave American spy persona of the Cavill perfectly complemented by the super-efficient spy persona portrayed by Hammer. Alicia Vikander’s character also gels in nicely with the duo with her being the key to stop the crisis.

Guy Ritchie has directed this movie and you can see his touches which isgood to see. There are a couple of great shots where something simple is going in the foreground accompanied by a chaotic scene in the foreground, these couple of scenes can be cheesy but they are pulled off flawlessly here and never feel forced. The 1960 era and cold war vibe also is a nice departure from the modern day spy movies set in ‘blander’ environments.

The comedy in this movie is excellent and it’s not because the script is great, the lines are just about average but the actors here bring their A game.


The action in this movie is scarce, not every movie needs to have action but a spy movie with two great actors who can do action well needs to have it. The action is sacrificed in favour of style and comedy. It feels like a missed opportunity and it could have benefitted from a couple of action set pieces.

The music is all over the place, being too loud and not too impressive. A good theme should complement what’s going on the screen, not shout at you.

The plot is average run of the mill and it suffers from the usual spy movie tropes. Don’t except anything great from the plot of the movie but it does its job well.


The Man from U.N.C.L.E is a great and spy movie with some amazing actors which leaves you wanting more at the end of it. The 1960s cold war era setting is also a nice break from the usual modern spy movies we are used to. It just doesn’t rise to its full potential due to some shortcomings butdon’t hesitate to watch this one.

RATING – 7.5/10

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