The Light

Let go, breathe deep,
These moments won’t trouble you again,
Close your eyes and sleep,
Happy days will be on the road again.
Don’t reach the Rubicon,
Travel to the new edge,
Vigilance turned on,
Don’t ramshackle due to a hedge.
We’re the new kings and the queens,
Shenanigans, let down,
But there’s positive, believe.
Brainstorms may revive,
An imprecation, you’ll start for a spurt,
Melodious sounds the chime,
Even when rough storms decide to hurt.
Wake up, it’s time,
Past is not your ally,
It’s a call from the heavens, child,
Present, those are your wings, spread them and fly.
Smile, run free,
Follow the light that glimmers ahead,
Look around and see,
Those dark shadows falling off their heads.
These, are mere words,
Fascinating now, forgotten after,
Cash them off paper, these words,
Future not obfuscate but whiffs of joy and laughter.

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About the Author:

Anmoldeep Sandhu (PGGC-11)


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