The legen-dary addition to your library

  • Do you always use the right words?
  • Can you pronounce it- and spell it-correctly?
  • Do you know how to avoid illiterate expressions?
  • Do you speak grammatically, without embarrassing mistake?

If the answer to any of these questions is NO, you need Word Power Made Easy.


This is what the back cover of this amazing, life changing book says! Word Power Made Easy is a vocabulary building system, created by the legendary Grammarian Normal Lewis. This bible of vocabulary, contains the best and the quickest ways to enhance your English. It requires a person to not READ this book, but work with it. Word power is a complete book in itself as one writes in it, talks aloud to it and uses a pen/pencil, one’s voice and not merely one’s eyes and mind.


The book contains 47 sessions, along with a pronunciation key and latest word list. Each session is followed by a set of exercises useful in evaluating the knowledge gained in the particular session. The exercises range from ‘Yes-No’, ‘True-False’ or ‘Same-Opposite’, the answer key for the same immediately follows. Apart from these are ten ‘Brief Intermissions’ after every 3-4 sessions to keep the reader (learner) involved and fresh.

Word Power Made Easy is divided into 3 parts.

Part 1 (Getting Off To a Good Start) involves sessions providing aid in talking about various people like doctors, practitioners, scientists, etc.

Next, Part 2 (Gaining Increased Momentum) explains actions, habits and teaches the art of flattery and criticism (yes! Even that is an art!).

The last, Part 3 (Finishing with a feeling of Complete Success) sums up the various characteristics of humans and also evaluates your standing as an ‘Amateur Etymologist.’


The book is a must-have for every English enthusiast. It is an epitome of knowledge through fun!Word Power Made Easy does more than just adding words to your vocabulary; it also teaches ideas and a method of broadening knowledge which is an integral part of the vocabulary building process.


So, go grab your copy now!

  • Price –  (Abundance of knowledge for just Rs.169 is not at all a bad deal)


  • Level of understanding-  (Even though a lot is added to your vocabulary, but sometimes it might pose a problem in grasping it in a go)

3 star

  • Learner friendliness – (If one returns to the book every day, it’s definitely a cakewalk)

4 star

Overall rating-  (Again, it’s a must have and worth a try)


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