‘The Last Lecture’ by ‘ Randy Pausch.’


The reason why I picked up this book was I was searching for a fresh and somewhat idealistic book; a book that wants me to go back to over and over again. The title of the book, “The Last Lecture- lessons in the living” propelled me to give it a try and I realised how important and how unrealistically illustrious this book was. It made me realise how short our span of existence is, how important it is to dream and learn and grow. More importantly, the book is a true story of the author and remoulds your thinking and perception.

The Protagonist, Randy, is a lecturer who, in the beginning of the novel, has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He, like any other person, has an ordinary family, his wife and his three young children. At this moment of his life, instead of being with his family, he was driven by the idea of delivering a last lecture (since he had only months to live). He wanted the lecture to be a legacy for his three children; something they could hear about when they grow up and know who their father really was.

The title of the professor’s lecture was, “Really Achieving your Childhood Dreams” which reflected that how important it was to dream big and achieve it; what one should do to achieve their dreams; what important role the parents play in letting their child achieve his or her dreams and how to put people before material.  Intertwined in the major themes of his lecture were Pausch’s own personal anecdotes, complete with how he was able to turn his boyhood dreams into reality.

Overall, the book explains how important it is to live till your last breath. It celebrates the dreams that everyone wants to turn into reality. With slight hints of humour and extreme wisdom, this ‘larger than life’ book would definitely change your life. I would humbly urge all readers to go forward and read this inspirational and soul-stirring book.

“We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.”

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