The Justification of Naval Deep


Panjab University Student Union(PUSU) invited an open debate regarding the Firing incident that happened on April 8, 2016, which led to the arrest of Resham Godara and Naval Deep, two senior leaders of the party. In this event, Naval Deep, who was recently given bail was asked various questions by the students .


The firing incident was a result of a fight between the members of Student Organisation of India(SOI) and PUSU. Naval Deep explained how he spent four months in jail where he prepared for his examinations but couldn’t give his exams for UPSC that he had been preparing for from a very long time, but the most important explanation he gave was regarding his innocence. He showed pictures from the CCTV footage from his house where he was present while the incident happened. He mentioned how the police claimed that he went to Zirakhpur, hid the rod that was used in the incident, came back to Chandigarh, withdrew money from ATM, went to PGI to check up on his friend- Resham Godara, all in one hour, which he claims is not possible in such a short span. He was arrested there in PGI.

However, it should be noticed that the case is under sub-judice and making a public comment regarding the matter is not allowed.

During the event, a supporter of NSUI interrupted the Council announcement multiple times and also used abusive language while asking questions later.

We wish that if Naval Deep is innocent, then it shall be proved and whoever is actually guilty is found and acquitted.

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