The Intern- REVIEW The movie that took our heart away!


Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway directed by Nancy Meyers. Need I say more?

Some people might tell you that the movie has got some bad reviews, that the actors haven’t lived up to the Oscar expectations, that it was bland, and meh. But, I’ll tell you something more.

If you’re one of those who needs to catch up a simple, light hearted movie to relax and to smile throughout, laugh at regular intervals and spend some bucks on some actual entertainment, YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS MOVIE!

We are introduced to Ben Whittaker (played  by De Niro), a seventy year old widower who has travelled the world, joined Yoga, cooking classes and retired clubs but hasn’t been able to fill the void in his life and hence applies to be an intern at an online shopping website run by Jules Ostin (the wonderful Hathaway). The movie traces how ‘the intern’ manages to help every young lad and lass at the firm with his old school ways. Jules is shown as an unorganized workaholic and an independent and creative woman who started the firm on her own and has made it reach heights and how Ben instills calm in her and makes her take decisions in a better way and do the general things in life in a completely different and simpler manner. Ben’s charm, wisdom and sense of humour creates a beautiful relationship between him and Jules.

It’s amazing to see how a movie can win you over without any action, thrill, horror or suspense, but just being a genuinely nice movie. And for those who felt it wasn’t ‘that’ funny to be called “Best Comedy of the Year”, trust me I could hear the whole cinema hall laughing hard after every few minutes.

While some newspapers didn’t seem to ‘love’ it, Forbes called it a fan-tastic film!

So, why don’t you take out time for a movie that will leave you smiling for the rest of the day and tell us your views.

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