The Importance of A Good Night’s Sleep: An Unassailable Truth


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The importance of sleep is copious, as far as us, mortal beings are concerned. Sleep is defined as a condition in which our body relaxes for several hours, with our eyes closed, muscles relaxed and consciousness of mind suspended, temporarily.

It’s not just a definition which needs to be learned and written in our science or psychology exams, but something which needs to be given the topmost priority in all walks of life. It is a boon to our mind and body, which should not be ignored.

Nowadays, who doesn’t want to look slim and smart? Some good news for those who are struggling hard to reduce their weight, with all their efforts going to waste – for those who don’t know, poor sleep can make you fat, open certain channels of your mind and start giving importance to them other than your several hours of intense workout and strict diet. Hence, inadequate sleep is one of the strongest risk factors for obesity! In fact, good sleepers tend to eat less because there are no fluctuations in their appetite hormones. You will no longer feel the urge of eating that scrumptious choco-chip cookie if you’ve slept well!

For those who are not able to score good marks despite all their efforts or for those who are not able to concentrate on their work even if they want to, here is the solution: just sleep! Sleep is important for our brain to function. Lack of sleep is as bad as alcohol intoxication in our brain! If you are sleeping in a fair rhythm, then why to fear that algorithm?

From that ‘checkmate’ in chess to that goal in the football, for those sporty people out there, sleep can do wonders for you! A study has shown that sleep helps to improve speed, accuracy and mental well being of players.

A healthy you is a happy you- true that! Sleep helps prevent a number of diseases: diabetes, heart stroke and depression. In fact, it improves the functioning of our immune system, the ‘army of our body’ which fights our enemies- those viruses and bacteria.

To reach those heights of success and for a healthy mind and body, follow the advice of the wise scientists, whose research says that 7-8 hours of sleep is necessary for a human to keep them young and healthy for years to come. A little positive change in our lives can do wonders!

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