The Honest Review of a Newbie Dreadlockian

Dreadlock is the hairstyle that is usually referred to as the sadhu hairstyle in India. Yes, the real dreadlocks are actually what the sadhus carry so effortlessly most of their lives. But with time, money and a lot of creativity, dreadlocks have got down from all the ways up Himalayas to way down the African forests and everywhere around and between in variants. Because it is now a hairstyle of the ‘no one’ (yep, even Arya Stark is heading for its Bravos type), someone who feels who doesn’t belong to the common peer group or who wants to belong to some.
Africans have exclusively made a wide use of this creative hair-do because as a matter of fact while they have densely textured hair but not in count. That is why many use synthetic dreads (now even made of human hair) and attach them permanently to their hair. Or even the boys having long dreadlocks put together that you so look at with amazement, actually go for the synthetic ones. And mostly people fond of travelling go for the style so to focus more on investing time on coexisting with the nature than with their hair.
However, apart from that I absolutely love the hairstyle, my inspiration was a slightly different one. I can’t get along with the summer and I wanted to study. Yes. The latter too, no kidding. In case you’re still surprised, well, a sloth studies like that just to make it clear enough! But voila! It did work absolutely fine for me, until I realized the amount of attention I received from people! And as much as I kinda enjoyed the demi-celebrity life, I got to know how much people wanted to learn more of this particular hairstyle. So, here I am. Answering the questions put on me about my hairstyle! But take these opinions as specific and really subjective in nature.
1. The most common of all was- do you ever wash them? Well. Yes I do. I was suggested a non-residue shampoo so that it doesn’t stick to the hair and is easily washable. But as I mentioned, a lazy bum that I am, I never took the pains to look for it in market (it would surely be available). I initially washed my hair with my regular shampoo for like a five times in two weeks. But then I saw my hair getting messier than sticky as they should be to stand longer. So, yes I do wash them regularly now, every alternative day. But only with water. Oh yes, you gotta be somewhat of a not-so-regular person for carrying out this one.
2. And oh no! I did not go for a four hour long parlour appointment just to get my hair curled! Got this one a lot too. And as amusing as it seems, many have even asked me to show the curls whenever I happen to undo my hair. For now, that’s happening in an hour time of like, Never! They’re precious. Both to get and to keep.
3. Well one that I really liked to answer in detail was what inspired me to go for it. I guess for the first time in life ever I was being publicly applauded for being a super lazy being. Everything has an advantage, I tell you!
4. Then there were few who wanted to really know what made such a beautiful mess. I went ahead for plait styled dreadlocks so that I can easily unlock them whenever I wish. Otherwise, with the real dreadlock business you’d either have to go bald or leave every other business to get them undone.
5. People went all so concerned too and asked if it pained or itched. To be honest, as I swore to be as a bait in the title of my article, it pained shockingly for a three whole days, especially while sleeping. So much so that not only was I conscious of my head up on my neck all the time (which is the opposite of what this hairstyle promises) but I even had decided of doing away with them if the pain lasted for the whole week. And while I kept myself busy looking up for the psychological and physiological harm it could do to me (apart from deducing that I overthink which I do, kindly also know that this as a matter of fact on the internet can happen due to the style), I got more than comfortable with my head & hair as to believe they finally got the perfectly matched style.
6. As to the money, it costed me around 2000 bucks (not ONLY, because some peeps do still look up to me with eyes judging a brat kid, wasting mummy daddy ka paisa. Nevermind. Judging is a lifestyle too afterall.) But if you’re familiar with the price range for smoothening, rebonding, hair colors etc, you’d probably know that’s way cheap a price for handling such a mess.
7. And the process involved no chemicals though they did crimping over my hair but just in order to lock it. So it’s not such a scary hairfall giving heart attack. But to keep it natural, you gotta keep it natural, no combing, no oiling, and getting used to a little dandruff-fy hair. If you wish to maintain them for long, can go for serums or hair gels to let the tiny ones from flying. I personally like even those silly (such a low-maintenance girl that I am they say, well, in a less humble way) but as far as I can see, I am not so soon getting over them.

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