The high tide


Glistening surfaces on it’s flight
Under the sunshine never so dried,
Beholder of hues, dull and bright
The mirror once showed me a high tide!
Perplexities prevailed on the shore
As I crave to discover more,
Wondered regardless but things crore
How couldn’t I ever notice my roar!
Endless stars in ignorance had set
Many dawns in which I had slept,
Silent voices raised out of fret
Never complained about my dread!
Shadows of the buried past
Still trample my daydreams today,
I’ve turned deaf to my soul’s pleadings
Of forgiveness if I might lay!
Those words don’t leave my ears
Those voices still choose to hail,
And every now and then a trough
Reminds me how I had failed!
Glittery skies are no longer a fantasy
Peripheral vacuum seems demonic
Seasons change and weather claims
But I’ve forgotten all the frolic!
Then comes a tide so high
Relieving my heart, reviving my brain,
And as I stand before myself
The fears now try to drain!
Shoulders bounded by the sole vice
Of loving the rose inspite of the thorn,
Try to straighten n brush off the remains
Preening myself for the ever-longed morn!
A warrior, so wounded, standing up alive
Reigniting the spark of her soul,
Shattered pieces fighting to align
Calibrated towards a fierce goal!

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By: Ishita Singh (Vellore Institute of Technology)

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