The Heart of PU: STU-C “Life Lives Here”


The thought of student center, commonly known as STU-C, is not far behind when we talk about Panjab University. The picture of vibrant young crowd thronging the place in hundreds or maybe more comes to the mind in a flash. So what makes STU-C, The STU-C we all often visit and never get tired of. Is it the food? Is it the crowd? Is it the chilled out atmosphere or what, the list just goes on. Well I think it is the never dying spirit of the place, the chirpiness, the liveliness and the cool ambience which makes it THE ULTIMATE ADDA for hanging out.

No matter how often you visit that place, it never fails to light up a spark within you. It makes you feel that you are a part of something big, big in terms of the young generation who has the potential to revolutionize the world and is on the threshold of their careers, planning to make it big in life.

Along with this emotion comes another one which is relatively the fun part, the students themselves, who make STU-C what it is. All dressed impeccably in their own fashion right, swirling the place, some dressed to impress while others just to hang out with friends. Well there is a lot more to STU-C, the food, the shakes, the lush green surroundings and the never ending list continues.


Again STU-C is not just visited by the campus students but attracts the attention of outsiders equally well who come to enjoy the place and the atmosphere. You will find people from all walks of life and all age groups at STU-C which makes it even more special and interesting at the same time as there is no stereotype attached or boundaries set. This place doesn’t seem to leave the memories of the ex- students, who are seen more than often, visiting the place to relive their time as students. This is the kind of impact this place has.


It’s a place free from all sorts of restrictions and a fun place to be at. You need to watch out for all the glamour and glitter the place has to offer. Its leaves you spell bound and mesmerized, you know what I’m talking about. STU-C is the heartbeat of Panjab University. In a way it binds us together, brings us all together, be it for a chit chat session or maybe a meeting with friends. This place oozes with exuberance and it is difficult to imagine the campus without The Student Center. Life in true sense lives here!!

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Anmol Sandhu

Anmol Sandhu (UILS, PU Campus)

Pursuing Bcom.L.L.B.(H) from Punjab University, Chandigarh. I’ve done my schooling from Bhavan Vidyalaya, Chandigarh. I love singing and I am a lot into literature and classics. I have always had my inclinations towards writing as I find it a very beautiful way to express one’s heart and mind. 


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