The Great Singles


Throughout the ages, we have glorified the love, relationships. Shakespearean love in West and our own Laila Majnu are few great examples. But I have always wondered what about the species called SINGLES! There are no representatives of my species in the glorified history of mankind. Oh yeah, there are a few. But sadly they all had taken the vow of celibacy (Mahatama Budh). We singles have been marginalised in this world for generations, we never got our chance. Instead, this society pushes us to get in a relationship as soon as we are available. To make the matter worse, they even celebrate their coupledom as a Valentine Day. On this day, our lives become a mocking piece to our hitched closed one. After witnessing all hullabaloo around this day for years, I am sure that it is the most depressing day for Species Singles.

But there is something to cheer about, the Chinese stood up for the rights of singles and came up with the idea of Worlds Singles Day. This idea originated from Nanjing University in 1993. On this day singles party together and celebrate their singlehood. The date for single’s day is wisely chosen on 11 November, which is 11.11. Surprisingly China’s Alibaba did  $25 billion in sales on this day ie highest number in a day.

We will not shy away from admitting that we never wanted to stay single intentionally. We did not leave any stone unturned to break the jinx. But God always came with a new tactic that kept us away from getting a true love. The not so old phenomena called ‘Friendzoning‘ has engulfed a lot of us. We build our palace of illusions in which we are sharing our precious life with someone special but in reality the opposite party demolish our palace by taking our relationship to a dreaded zone (friend-zone).

Now the hope itself has left us. We cherish our idle time. We cherish our saved money. Unintentionally we could focus more on our academics. We don’t generally acknowledge the fact that we have many a great men in our country who remained single in their lifetime and achieved a great success in their careers. One of them was Mr A.P.J Abdul Kalam, the missile man, under whose leadership, India’s indigenous missile technology reached great heights. His unwavering dedication was the foremost reason for his success. Just imagine if he had normal aspirations like a common man (To get settled as soon as possible).

The perks of being single are many but the dire need of sweet emotions keep us waiting for the opposite party.

Unfortunately we find solace in what great thinker Arthur Schopenhauer said

To live alone is the fate of all Great Souls…

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Vipul Saklani (Faculty of Law, Delhi Branch)

Hi I am Vipul Saklani, pursuing Law from Faculty of Law, Delhi University. 



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