The GoT Fever Reaches its Peak


It all goes back to the year 2011, when the first episode of Game of Thrones was aired, and since then it has carried on its legacy. The sitcom was highly appraised, with its head held high and made its way to the top of list of ‘Television Sitcoms to look forward to in 2011’. It has a made such a huge fan base that people are crazy over the very famous, Game of Thrones. People can even be categorized on the basis of their love for GoT.

The first category is of those of who have seen all the episodes and would do anything in their might to take a sneak into the few remaining episodes, and then there’s the second category of people who doesn’t even know what on this incredible earth, Game of Thrones is! Then follows the next category of people who in the hype of this show has just begun watching it and are spending their days & nights to reach up to the latest episode.

pu-6If we talk about GoT on paper, Game of Thrones is an adaptation of a book, namely, ‘A Song of Fire and Ice’ by George R. R. Martin which has won many awards including 38 prime time Emmy awards. The cast of the show has done a tremendous job whether it is the very mighty, ‘Jon Snow’ played by Kit Harrington or ‘Tyrion Lannister’ played by Peter Dinklage.

Initially the show started with about 257 members but the numbers went on decreasing as the characters continued dying (only a GoT fan will know the pain) in the series. Ned Stark and his bastard son, Jon Snow being the favorites of nearly everyone in the beginning and Jaime Lannister placing himself at the top of the most hated ones are a few among a number of characters who were able to make a big place in the hearts of people.

pu-4The story revolves around the fictional seven kingdoms of Westeros involving the struggle and clashes between the powerful for the mighty iron throne. With the coming of each fresh episode a new piece of the puzzles reveals itself which makes the show a lot more interesting.

Memes are the new trend in the laughter sector these days and GoT memes are no different at all. With the arrival of a new episode comes another chance for the meme factories to manufacture a new one and the social networking sites gets filled with such hilariously hilarious memes which in turn increases the GoT hype. The spoilers really change the game here as everybody is really keen to know what happens next and a spoiler can really dispatch our excitement. (There exists a class of people whose sole aim is to destroy your GoT happiness.)

pu-7There remains a whole lot of people in the GoT empire to die and only the invincible live up to be worthy of the Iron throne. With four episodes of the seventh season still remaining, there’s a lot to see and lot to reveal but this hype is only going to increase day by day because it is indeed the ‘Game of Thrones’.

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