The Garden in Scotland



“Help!” Lewis the ladybug called out for help. He was traversing across the garden when he stumbled onto a little ball, attracted by the bright white colour of the golf ball with its little dimples. Unfortunately, he lost his footing and got stuck in one of the dimples he was admiring moments ago.

“Help” he called out as loud as he could until he realised no one was coming.

It’s a hard knock life for a male ladybug in Edinburgh; he thought to himself as he tried to get himself unstuck.



The Crimson Flower

Sophie asked “Oh kind stranger! Could you tell what colour am I?”

“You’re the deepest of red, Crimson! My lady.”  The stranger replied, to which Sophie blushed an even deeper almost inconceivable colour. You see she was a young flower and to her the colour was the most important commodity in the world and our kind stranger wasn’t kind at all because he was actually a mischievous bee who was colour blind.



The Condescending Lily

A few cat steps away from the bee and the flower waved a nonchalant lily Isla. Isla believed herself superior to all manners of life present around her as she belonged to the race of the lilies that sprouted in the gardens of Queen Mary’s Stirling Castle.

“Being amongst these ordinary wildlife and a pathetic excuse for a garden is such a disgrace to my heritage.” Isla thought to herself as she waved around.



The tittle-tattling Thistles

“Did you hear what that bee said to Sophie?” Anna asked Brooke barely able to contain the joy she had while gossiping with her sister.

“I know! Made fun of her colour with everyone watching! I don’t think he’s even from our garden. His tail doesn’t look like any of the bees I know.” Brooke replied matching her sister in enthusiasm.

Anna and Brooke were thistles who loved to tittle-tattle, the national flower of Scotland. They both went on to talk about the lilies and the bees of their beloved garden. Unlike many who reside here, these two cherished their home.



The Little Guest

A day had passed since all these events took place. The home where the garden resides had guests and among them was Ava, a curious little 10 year old in love with nature.

In the garden the ladybug Lewis was approaching the lily. Ava was sitting on the grass and she picked up Lewis on her fingers.

“Isn’t she beautiful Grannie?” Ava exclaimed “your garden is the most beautiful place in all of Edinburgh.”

“Thank you dear. It’s not a she. All ladybugs are not ladies Ava” Grannie replied with a gentle smile.

“Can I please please take some flowers grannie? PLEASE!” she asked with an innocence only a 10 year old could have.

“Yes but only a few” Grannie reluctantly answered. Who could say no to a 10 year old?




The Plucking

Ava threw Lewis away from her arm and he went crashing into the grass, no help came as he laid unconscious in the grass.

Ava plucked the lily Isla deciding that she would later keep her in her hair. The now lifeless royal flower would adorn a commoner. The girl plucked up a couple more flowers eventually arriving on Sophie. “Yet to bloom, But you’ll be beautiful. Even more enchanting than the lily. I’ll take you when I’m back” she thought to herself.




The thistle sisters watched in horror as the Girl killed half a dozen lives in front of them. They would talk about the horrible girl ‘Ava’ in days to come.

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