The Foodie Party: Addition of Another Party in the Election Scenario


The month of August brings the election fever to it’s peak. We can see different parties pursuing the students through class-speeches, stickers, posters and what not. They try to pitch in ways by which they can do justice to the students and their rights. These ideas different from party to party, some would say providing an open environment for girls, better hygiene, providing wifi, and so on, the list never ends. But there is one thing no party has ever talked about, that is FOOD. And to give this issue a platform a new party is taking shape, named as, The Foodie Party (TFP).

No one in the campus of PU as well as in the affiliated colleges ever talk about increasing food in canteens, providing food at cheaper rates, giving more quantity of food, and many such related topics. The issue is of high emergence, but promoted by none. TFP is going to be PU’s first (and maybe India’s first) party which is going to keep forward the interest of the foodies and promise to fulfil all their promises done to the foodies and others.

TFP will be registered soon in all the colleges as well as the campus of PU, to join in get yourself registered at and be the part of the change. The party’s main agenda is “Foodie First”. The President of the party is yet to be decided and announced.  The members of the party call themselves as Bhukkads.

The addition of TFP is definitely going to be a turn around d for all the parties as they might have to make some counter strategies against the soon-to-be very famous TFP.

So, are you Bhukkad enough to be a part of the revolution?

Disclaimer: Bogus Bulletin is our Thursday section of believably fake news. Every now or then we see parties talking about the thing which does not really matter to us. But food is something we all want and we all desire (Pun intended). So, it was our way of bringing food to the election scenario. Cheers to all the Bhukkads.

About the Author:

Dipesh Jindal (DAV College 10)

Dipesh Jindal
(DAV College 10)

Either silent or sarcastic. An old soul born in 21st century. Ambivert. OY. Food lover. Write until alive. Believes in ‘serve and be served’. Suffers from a syndrome of laughing at every point time.


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