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Being a food lover myself, I was more than happy to be presented with the opportunity to not just attend, but also cover The Pune Food Truck Festival – an event organised for the first time ever by the Feast X trucks on Sunday, 8th October 2017.

A plethora of sponsors and collaborators like Hindustan Times, Tasty Pune, MAD, Radio City, and Tixdo made this event even more enticing. The cherry on the cake was rich music creating just the right ambience to enjoy mouthwateringly delicious food. Being the first food truck event to be held in Pune, the benchmark was definitely set high. As in words of one of the FEAST X TRUCKS coordinator, “Pune has always been a warm city with people who have a tendency to welcome any culture; one can experiment anytime and anything in Pune.” The event mesmerised the crowd with about 10-15 food trucks each showcasing mind-boggling themes, designs, and of course appetising choices.

VALAR DOHAERIS! (BRACE YOURSELF, FOOD IS COMING!) the Game of Thrones themed food truck was a crowd magnet for all the GOT worshippers and non worshippers alike. Though the truck was a total eye candy, the menu fell short of the creativity standard set by the truck. Pasta and the submarines were its hot serves.

THE MARINATION TRUCK also had a complimentary classic design. “The menu is terrifying!” a customer quoted while enjoying ‘potato cheese grenades’, ‘chicken grenades’ and a ‘land mine’ at ANDA GROUND- a food truck based on all eggs theme.

THE PIZZA TRUCK was the biggest and oldest truck of all those, three weeks old, featuring my favourite food and hence the first to catch my attention. “Pizza Truck is the best of all trucks!” according to the little critiques Jaspreet, Jasvir and Ira of the fest.

Speaking of kids, YUMMISTRY- an ice-cream food truck with very interesting and creative options like burrito ice-cream, three in one flavours etc, was their go-to food tuck. Some other trucks included ‘WAY DOWN SOUTH’, ‘THE CHEESE TRUCK’, and ‘THE DUMPLING TRUCK’ for all dumpling lovers.

“Most of the food trucks are launching today. In fact there were some trucks contacting us who weren’t even ready with their design,” A Feast X Trucks Coordinator was reported saying. The most common factor in all trucks was that almost all of the associates of the food trucks did not belong to the food industry. Ironically most of them turned out to be engineers. THE ANDA GROUND was an idea of Mrs. Anu Sethi’s dentist daughter and her engineer friend, whereas the GOT theme was suggested by Nachiket and Karan-IT field individuals.

But Pune Food Truck Festival wasn’t just about food. It was a complete package of stalls, food, music and undoubtedly, the perfect venue to have the weekend at cheek. The stalls presented oodles of options to choose from – the anticipation and eagerness preceding the act of actually eating which raised the exponents. ‘The Ink Chakra’ (live portrait spot), ‘Trendosauras Organic’, and stalls put up by the sponsors gained quite a response.

Mayukha, another Feast X Trucks coordinator reported, “Three bands would be playing tonight The Rich Rock Addiction, Nyasa and The Last Stand. The Rich Rock Addiction is a very popular native band playing for more than 20 years while Nyasa is a classical genre band. The Last Stand is a band from Vizag originated from the Geetam University, which was co-incidentally where I studied too.” Said the reporter: Shraddha Bhandari.

Overall the fest was a huge success, promising an enthralling experience to Punekars. One can say that the food truck culture laid its roots deep in the city of Pune, definitely leaving us all sitting on our haunches to witness the sequels that follow.


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