The filthy-expensive tour: From childhood to adulthood!


Things were simple! Beauty was beauty, and everything was actually what it was. Then something happened, perhaps we grew up. And as we grew, beauty became chaos and simplicity got clad in complexity. Such strings of change, which turns out to be pretty huge, is what I am going to showcase.

I guess the journey that our anatomy has been through is truly worth a giant ode. Why? Because we have been through a heck of change, that to say, from biological change to the physical one and everything just took a big new avatar. Don’t you guys feel this? Don’t you think that we were so much better in our childhood? But the astonishing fact is that we have never stayed in a satisfied state in either of the phases.

Look at you! You stressed-techno-freak-super-paranoid-body. Heading where? Amidst what? I’ll tell you. It is amidst the smoke of endless luring illusions. Where has that charming Mr. Childhood lost his being? That was so pleasing- barbies, games ,softies, parks, food and what not. Now, it’s all like I’ll tell you. Barbies? We don’t attach emotions to barbies now. Now we want our bodies to adapt the body shape. Where playing ‘gudda-gudiya’ used to be the favourite activity, now gudda gudiya are a far-fetched phenomenon. Softies? Softies are a threat to the growing slim bodies of the model-oriented minds. Softies are no more the sweet-freeze-flavours seducing your taste-buds. Now they are simply a diet threatening monsters. Noticing the drift? And parks? This is my favourite. Remember how parks used to allure our puny bodies, exploring the lush green massive grounds like king treading his kingdom! We used to so enjoy those rides. See-saw, the fun-loaded one, I go down and you fly up. Let’s just now give see-saw an adulthood robe. The see-saw of life is the game between the two souls, trying to play the norms well. One going up while the other going down; and then if one stops to play, the other gets a shock and sudden opposite move. See the swing, childhood saw giggles and happiness finding its way.

Adulthood swings are those oscillating emotional moves that we all go through, while life gives us the special rides. And the whole scene, yes, the whole scene undergoes a change. There’s melancholy hovering over the area, the park gets inherited by the adults instead of the kids.

And it’s annoying to be in the middle of these two fine destinations. That’s the worst phase. Because the society will call you horrible names if you do not conform to their stately standards. What you must strike is a balance between the both. That is the biggest challenge, pals, striking the balance. Because honestly, adulthood is a pack of those words the stature of which calls for heaven indulgence. You have been a great traveler as you came across all the way from ‘innocence, cheerfulness, energy and purity’ to ‘so-called-wisdom, maturity, complexity and understanding’. The fact is that you have to be into it. You have to face everything. The stress, the change, the problems, everything! Ah what, the change from diapers to sanitary napkins has been really a biggie. And what a striking change, testosterone and oestrogen behave quite in a rash way sometimes. Like they invade in so damn bad. Well, whatever, now you are an adult and living in the present is what we all have to do. If you really miss your childhood then guess what, we have some ways to let it reside in our lives.

Let’s not brood over stuff much. Let’s behave like kids. Kids with brains. Not adults with brains. Just for a while. Let’s just experiment. No grudges, no jealousy, no depression. Let’s just be the mulling puking mannered kid. Maybe the stress abandons us. Maybe then, smile starts to knock our lips more often. Maybe then, complexities farewell our lives. Then and only then, maybe life starts to shine all over again. It’s pretty easy to grab on all these ways. Express more, be clear, do the things you love time and again. On the top of it, love and spread love. I see tons of stress everywhere, in newspaper, stained with pathos, television-roaring loud with dejected shit. And life is the live example. So let’s just flip our side’s ones again. Roll over in the drops of childhood that we have preserved till yet and at least pull off a few moments, that we thought were not meant to be ours.
Because where there’s a pure heart, everything naturally falls in place. Don’t kill the one that made you see the world. It is your childhood.
Sing it, just one time and I bet the scent of time will inherit you completely.

“Humpty dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty dumpty had a great fall…”
Cause things in infancy are their own kind of beautiful.


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