The Festive Bonanza


With the festival of light around the corner, no one really wants to go ‘light’ on snacks and sweets! Diwali is a delight not only for people with a sweet tooth but also for all the foodies! (because it gives them a reason to munch on without any guilt) So here’s a list of snacks and sweets easy to prepare and pocket friendly too:

1.) The Coconut Bomb

pointer-1We all love the Coconut Barfi, but a homemade coconut bomb can be made by mixing grated coconut with milkmaid and molding it into round shaped pieces. You could also garnish it with pistachios or saffron to give them a better look! For brownie points, it’s highly recommended to add edible colour to the mixture before shaping them!

2.) The Shahi Tukda

pointer-2It’s an easy way to enjoy sweets if you are away from home and running low on budget. Mix and equal amount of water and sugar to prepare sugar syrup and pour over fried bread pieces to get a crispy yet tasty sweet. You could also add cardamom to the syrup!

3.) Let’s do it the Milky-Way

pointer-3If making sugar syrup becomes a hassle, one could add sugar to milk and dip small bread pieces into it to later heat on a simple tawa, and voila! Easy and healthy dish right on your plate!

4.) The Pasta Sandwich

pointer-4Rather than gulping down monotonous pasta, spread it within two bread pieces with cheese perhaps, heat it and take a break from all the sweetness and add a little tadka!

5.) The Gold Coin

pointer-5Another way to stay from diabetes is to add boiled peas, salt, pepper and anything according to your taste to mashed paneer. Next you need to cut bread in round shapes and make a sandwich with the mixture. Now you need to dip the made sandwich into a mixture of water and corn flour. The last step is to roll the same in bread crumbs and deep fry till golden brown. A little effort but the result makes it all worth it! 😀

This way, not only can we add that extra punch to the festive season but can also show our MasterChef skills! Let’s vow to spread happiness and sweetness around and make this festivals of lights brighter and better! A very Happy Diwali to all!

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Gunjan Kapur (MCM DAV 36)

Gunjan Kapur
(MCM DAV 36)

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