The failed art of Cheating


Tim Walters once said “You could be close to perfect, you could pass all the tests but, a cheaters a cheater, they always pass up the best.” 

Even if this quote seems immoral or unrealistic there is honesty about it, which none of us can deny? From leaking of papers an hour before exam to people being caught cheating in examination halls using the technology most of us weren’t even aware of before, we’ve witnessed it all. Mostly, cheating works but when it doesn’t in the wake of innovation which students try, disasters happen. Yes, they seriously do. 

Proof? There you go. 

These anecdotes are based on some incidents, which were flop attempts at cheating; where actions were innovative, reactions were cliche but both were hilarious for the onlookers like us! 

  •  Incident 1:

Action: A boy noted all the important points about a chapter on a worn out page, crumpled it, threw it in the trash can behind the door. And later, asked for the permission to sharpen his pencil, intentionally threw the sharpener in the bin and spent a little too much time than he should have in picking that ‘sharpener’ up. 

Reaction: Teacher awarded him a zero. You know why. 

  • Incident 2:

Action: A girl wrote all the formulas on the desk she thought she’d be sitting on with a pencil in a handwriting only she could decipher. But just before the test, she started talking to a guy behind her. 

Reaction: Teacher changed her seat and who knows who benefited from that desk. 

  • Incident 3:

Action: A duo planned cheating through pen caps. Making chits, rolling them, hollowing up the pen and putting them in. Different coloured pen for different chapters. But when the time came and one of them threw the cap towards another, the chit came out and sadly the teacher was just behind his desk. 

Reaction: “Minus 5” She wrote. Right on the front page of both those answer sheets and took away all the pens along with the ‘caps’. What else could be sadder? 

  • Incident 4:

Action: This one guy was the happiest when he got to know that the class topper is going to sit in front of him. The guy kept on asking throughout the span of 3 hours. 

Reaction: You know how these toppers are! The poor fellow failed. 

Disclaimer: This article is meant to be taken in a light manner and it doesn’t support cheating on any costs. The reader may try these methods at his/her own risk because they can be deadly for your percentage and prestige and if you do, take ideas from gurus roaming around you who pass every semester using their superpower of cheating authentically but it’s always better to enter prepared as you can’t rely on destiny and its wonders.

About the Author:

Priyanka Sharma (USOL, Ludhiana)

Priyanka sharma is an ardent bibliophile, giving vent to her hobby of writing and photography every now and then at various platforms. She is an aspiring civil servant, curious about almost everything under the sun with a special bias towards politics and diplomacy.She believes in finding happiness in the littlest of the places and waking up everyday with a purpose and intent and Never giving up. She aims of leaving an eternal impact on the lives of as many people as possible with whatever she does.


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