.misuse of social media

Not only does social media bring people together, but also plays a major role in spreading information on a variety of

subjects across the globe. Most of the population doesn’t think of the consequences before they submit messages into the

cyber space. Thus begins then misuse of social media. Cyber bullying is a vast spread phenomenon. It may take the form

of harassing text messages or derogatory posts on Facebook and Twitter accounts of children, teenagers and young adults. The

effects whether emotional or psychological are much like those of physical bullying i.e. depression, loneliness, social

anxiety, stress and low level of confidence in social situations.

Now coming to India. We are ranked at the 2nd place in the number of internet users in the world. With Indians

 spending 40% of their total time devoted to internet on

social media, there comes a vast scope for misuse, bullying, harassment,stalking and miscommunication. According to

Microsoft’s ‘Global Youth Online Behavior Survey’, India was ranked 3rd in terms of cyber bullying. It is also one of the few countries where cyber bullying and physical/verbal bullying are equally prevalent.

Enough stats, now let’s talk about the solutions. Here I’ve come up with few steps to ensure your personal security on social media:

– Let’s not share our passwords with anyone except family, I know you’d want to include your best friends or partners too, but

I’d suggest against it. In today’s world, you never know. Better to be safe than sorry right? Also, if he/she really is your friend,

 they’d actually want to spend time with you instead of scanning what you share on the internet.

– You just don’t want to share personal photos/videos with ANYONE through social media. You just don’t.

– No, talking to strangers and becoming friends with unknown people online is NOT ALWAYS FUN. Go out and actually try to

know a person before you start sharing details of your life.

– If you are a victim of cyber bullying, firstly block the person, if that doesn’t work, and in case you’re not a grown adult

involve your parents and let them talk to the bully. As a last resort police should be asked for help. Not doing anything may

not always work.

– If you are the elder brother or sister, ask your parents not to let the younger sibling have a mobile phone and internet

connection before they enter high school, and not without their guidance about sharing personal information out there.

 Today, from 11 year old kids to rural uneducated people, everyone can use the internet. But do they know the right way of communicating

on social media? Are they aware about the limits of sharing personal information or looking at other’s personal information?

No. That comes with the right age and education. What is right and what is wrong? For everyone who believes in something,

that thing is right. So we can’t really change anyone even if we try to. But we can change ourselves. We can make possible the

correct use of social media. After all, its not social media who is corrupt, its people’s thoughts, as always. Social media

does have better usage. It surely can be used as a platform to convey true facts, important information or even original

ideas which may have the potential to become revolutionary some day. So let us all use social media safely as well as for

the improvement of human kind, as much as we can.

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Mihul Narad (MCM College 36)

Mihul Narad
(MCM College 36)

Currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Psychology from MCM DAV College. An avid reader with an immense love for dancing. I enjoy music, poetry and art.


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