The Disconnected Generation!


The world is a pretty good place for some and not so good for some. Its really difficult to understand what life is? Its like watching a movie with a bunch of people with a different frame of reference and perspective. So, which one to believe? I feel if and when in trouble just listen to the harmony of heart and brain and the instinctively analytical answer will answer all your questions.

As of now my perspective of generations in this world is just how beautiful is it to see an era of experience & calm, with young ideas & zeal of life understand what it is to be like in their positions. As the tech world has become so integral in today’s world that, veterans find it difficult to see that the young blood has somehow lost track of what it’s like to connect with the older gen. Well a lot of people blame the techno for all of this, but the tech is a friend and a foe depending on its use or exploitation, respectively. There are always two sides of a coin so I think we shouldn’t judge the matter through a single lens and let’s look at the matter by completing the spectacles!

Some will be in favour of disconnect in the context of achieving new goals and ideas and some against it as they would think that the love and togetherness in generations are decreasing and the birth of old age homes is paving way and providing evidence of what’s happening now!

Taking into account both the perspectives which are true at their respective places, but the effect of the latter perspective is more, so its prevalent in the society and it’s the truth that gets bitter by the day!

The life in metropolitan cities gets tougher and moreover busier that the kids can’t have food with their parents even at one time of the day. The race is such that to meet the deadlines they skip meeting their loved ones, their parents and family.

The situations are worse now as the younger gen has become so reluctant towards their own parents who fed them, gave them everything, took care of them, have gone through half slept nights so the that their kids could sleep calmly in sickness and health. The picture is such that who once were an asset are now a liability. In old age, parents and grandparents only need love of their kids and be a part of their children’s life. Well now that’s a luxury not everyone can afford anymore!

Parents and grandparents are the bearers of rich heritage and family traditions that make you who you are and behaving deliberately with them is like trashing a goldmine of experience and tactics into fire with full conscious.

No person has led a happy life defying their parents and neglecting them at some point the regret will hit you so hard that no matter what forgiving yourself will be the most difficult thing in life even if the folks forgive you!

Disconnect is like a fashion trend in this world of impression but Connect was is and will always be a timeless beauty. Embrace the moments with them learn as much as you can and take care of those folks even if they interrupt or stop you or scold you, it’s their love so you don’t fall into a pit they saw from miles. They are good people why not try talking to them? What say?

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