The Curious Case of Sheena Bora


It’s been 6 days since the Mumbai police arrested Indrani Mukherjee, wife of former Star India CEO, Peter Mukherjee on 25th August and since then the Sheena Bora murder case has become complicated with each revelation.One has witnessed the head spinning twists and turns in the backstories of the main characters involved.

DAY 1 (25th August)
Indrani Mukherjee was arrested as she was suspected of allegedly murdering her sister Sheena Bora.

DAY 2 (26th August)
The subsequent morning of her arrest it was discovered that Sheena Bora was infact her daughter and not her sister. Meanwhile, they also came to know from Mikhail Bora, (Sheena’s brother) that Indrani was their mother. Also, he had asked Indrani several times about the whereabouts of Sheena since she went missing but Indrani would always give vague answers and said that Sheena had gone to study abroad. He stopped asking anything as he was dependent on her for funds and she has threatened to cut him off. Peter Mukherjee was also shocked to hear about it as he was unaware about the fact of Sheena being Indrani’s daughter. Also, he claimed that Sheena and his younger son,Rahul Mukherjee(from an earlier marriage) had an affair which Indrani didn’t approve of and when Sheena disappeared in 2012, Indrani told Peter that she had gone to study in US.

DAY 3 (27th August)
Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria said, “Sheena Bora was killed by strangulation in a car.Then, the body was set on fire in a bag.”
Sheena’s grandfather ,Upendra Kumar Bora ,(father of Indrani Bora) whose name had been given as father in the birth certificate of Sheena by Indrani also disputed that he was Sheena’s grandfather and not her father. He named Sheena’s father as one Siddharth Das.
Indrani Mukherjee’s driver, Shyam Rai said that the murder was pre-planned and that Sheena was strangled to death by Indrani and her first husband Sanjeev Khanna.
On being interrogated, Sanjeev Khanna admitted that he was in Mumbai during Sheena’s murder but did not confess to the killing.When Rahul Mukherjee was questioned as to why he didn’t file a missing person report when Sheena went missing, he said that he tried really hard to find her but was unsuccessful and his parents had told him that she had gone to study abroad.

DAY 4 (28th August)
Rakesh Maria told the media that, ” Sheena Bora’s skeletal remains were recovered today and will be sent for DNA test tomorrow.” He also said that her passport had been recovered from Dehradun.
Sanjeev Khanna admitted to his involvement in the murder.
Khanna was arrested under IPC sections 364(kidnapping), 302(murder), 201(causing disappearance of evidence) and 120-B(conspiracy).
According to Hindustan Times, since the start of the probe, Indrani had maintained a cool composure reiterating that Sheena was her sister who had moved to the US. It was only after she saw her driver that Indrani had relented and had confessed that Sheena was her daughter from an earlier marriage.
Sources told, that on being interrogated about her past relationships, she broke down and eventually did spill the beans about her and told the police about her relationships with Siddharth Das and Sanjeev Khanna before marrying Peter Mukherjee.
On further questioning, she told about her father(stepfather) who forced himself on her during her childhood and Sheena’s birth was the result of her being raped by her father.

DAY 5 (29th August)
The Sheena Bora case produced a new twist with the police admitting that no case of murder or accidental death was registered after her human remains were recovered in Pen tehsil of Raigad three years ago for which the Raigad police confessed owing to its casualties.
The car in which Sheena was strangled had been traced and NDTV reported that it was a hired car.
A report by The Times of India says that Mikhail told the police that a few days before Sheena went missing, Indrani had called him to Mumbai to discuss Sheena’s marriage where a sedative was slipped into his drink. The report says that he felt giddy after that and fled when Indrani left to bring Sheena. Mikhail’s statement to the police allegedly says that their mother planned to kill them both on the same day, however he managed to escape.

DAY 6 (30th August)
Indrani’s former husband,Sanjeev Khanna and her driver, Shyam Rai were taken to Raigad to ‘recreate’ the crime scene in order to gather evidence.

 Indrani’s claims about her daughter (Sheena Bora) going to US seemed to have fallen flat, as Sheena’s passport was recovered from Rahul Mukherjee’s Dehradun residence.
NDTV reports that a Mumbai psychiatrist was bribed by Indrani to forge a certificate declaring her son Mikhail mentally unstable. According to the police , she had planned to use this certificate if Mikhail had continued with his attempts to find his sister Sheena.

DAY 7 (31st August)
Police slapped fresh charges of attempt to murder(307 IPC)against Indrani ,Sanjeev and Rai for allegedly trying to kill Mikhail Bora.
Section 328 IPC ( causing hurt by poison) has also been slapped against Indrani after Mikhail claimed that she had spiked his drink on the day Sheena was killed.
As of now , all the three accused have been remanded to police custody till September 5

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