The countdown for the Election Begins, SD College


As the countdown for the election begins  , student parties are leaving no stone un-turned  to convince the voters to vote for them .  As per them it is the last few days which really matter because student mindset is extremely relative and can change even at the last minute . Today students of GGDSD college witnessed rallies by all the contesting parties .  Contesting parties such as SOI ,NSUI in alliance with SOPU and INSO , SDCU-HU took out rallies at separate intervals to lure  their vote bank . Students turned out in large numbers to witness the rally . All the parties announced there panels along with continuously appealing the students to support them . Their supporters in return showed their support by screaming their parties name , hooting and  waving off the party stickers in the air . “Rallies surely do have an impact on the students . Moreover no party wants to lag behind .” quips Anjalee Gupta  a keen SDCU supporter . Along with creating excitement these rallies also act as a sore sight for some with the college ground and its surrounding area filled with the party stickers . Majority of the students were extremely put off after looking at the state of there college once the rallies were over . Well as a student of this college I would like to say on there behalf to all the student parties “We totally Understand how important these rallies are for you but kindly don’t litter the college . Think of the sweepers who would have to clean all this before littering .”

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