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Super Stupefied! That’s what my reaction was after getting out of the theatre. Marvel Universe has undoubtedly braced itself with a new weapon to compete against DC Universe, and that new weapon is not sticking to past stories of its characters, which is eyely in VENOM, directed by Ruben Fleischer.

Eddie Brock/Venom played by Tom Hardy is the protagonist, who simply proved his mettle with his role in the film. The film is a compendium of science, action, giggles, unexpected horror and much more that gives us a new, heroic Venom.


Without revealing much of the film, the plot is about a journalist (Eddie Brock), who spontaneously interviews Carlton Drake (acted by Riz Ahmed) enquiring into the speculation of using humans as hosts for his life-threatening experiments, which Carlton manages to evade. Later, Eddie Brock breaks into this facility to collect evidence and falls victim of the symbiote, who finds Eddie to be a perfect host to survive on earth. And his mission ?? Go back to his planet and return with millions of his kind to bite off heads of every human on earth. Gross! (He did bite off 3 heads in the movie though )

However, his superb chemistry with Eddie makes him like human beings and now wants to save the earth through failing ‘Riot’ (Venom’s partner) in the same mission to eat up planet earth. This is the transition of Venom from a bad guy to a good one.


What makes this film worth watching is the epic Venom humour and his good image. I mean, can you imagine venom to “Aw…” on a romance? It would be an injustice to reveal more if you haven’t watched it yet.

In Spiderman-3, I really liked Venom as Spiderman when it was with Peter Parker but, once he turns into a villain, it was a little disappointing. Now in the latest film, this thing has been rectified which is very welcoming.

Commenting upon the plot, I would say; it was a wise thing to diverge from the former plot since, everyone knows what Venom is and where he came from. New characteristics like; being funny and kind are something that we never expected from  Venom.

However, there are critics who call the script a ‘cliché’ one. I can’t totally agree with that.


I can criticise the film for its ‘plot hole’. It contradicts its own pre-established theories and logic, making it little puzzling to comprehend. Moreover, the director himself claimed it to be a  “logic bump”.

The critics also criticise the film for mundane fight scenes, which I totally agree with. You could predict what’s coming next, and being in collaboration with ‘Sony’, I think the audience expected much more.

And yes, the two trailers launched before the film has much of important bits which should have been in the surprise package.


To conclude with, I’d give this film 3 out 5 stars in all.

The abovementioned cons can’t be denounced but still, this new Venom is something that you must watch. There’s  a presumption; we’ll get to see more of Venom in the upcoming Spiderman movie or maybe in the infinity wars 2.

Till then, grab some popcorn and ‘viewom..’!

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