The College Freshman: Guide for a Newbie


As the academic session rolls in, the colleges start flooding in with undergrad newbies and this marks the beginning of a new phase of their lives. There is a transformation from the old school dresses to new civvies, and indeed one does want to move with the ongoing fashion. And why not one would want to look good? The colleges days are finally here!

The challenge starts from setting up your hair in the right place to wearing the coolest kicks. The first task that is to be done is finding a gym that is nearby, because spending money on travelling is too much on the pocket of a student.

Then follows the first day of the fantasy. You start your work-out with the easiest of exercise and you already start feeling your biceps pumping up. And then follows, ek workout selfie to banti hai boss, accompanied with a motivating caption.

But, the enthusiasm and the zeal starts fading for most of the lads after a week or two, as they slowly blend into the lazy college life, chit chatting with new friends and participating in other college events. Their focus shifts to the oncoming fresher’s party, and our freshers get a chance to show their styling and grooming skills, trying to woo their crush.

Then in the next few days the campaigning for college elections gears up. The student representatives of the respective parties try to convince the freshers into supporting them and many end up supporting one party or the other. As the Election Day comes near the things start becoming intense. The most capable and the deserving party bags the presidential crown and the elections end with a bang. Following the elections is the advent of the mid semesters, which supplies a little stress to newbies and by this time they get well versed with the rituals and customs of the college.

But the real dynamite explodes with the approaching semester exams at the end of semester, and thus the department of the almighty starts flooding with prayers. Suddenly what all has not been studied or read in last few months is accomplished in the last few nights before the exams. With a whole month full of examinations students eagerly wait for the oncoming holidays. The exams end and the awaited holidays begins.

This is how the first semester of your college life roughly ends and you are trained enough to rock the next semesters!

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Digvijay Singh (SD College 32)

Digvijay Singh (SD College 32)

Football freak, travel and trekking enthusiast. An army school alumni and Indian Army aspirant.

I believe in living a life less ordinary.

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