The Charismatic World of Storytelling

All of us were surely fond of listening to fairy tales or the stories our mothers and grandparents told us. Rapunzel’s golden locks, Cinderella’s shoe, adventures of Alice in the Wonderland have been a part of our childhood. They are intact in our memory, engraved with the story of our lives. These tales of kings and queens, the charming prince who rescues his beloved are still there and will be passed on from generation to generation. What lies beneath all this is the art of storytelling.
Stories define our society; they define us and our surroundings. They help us connect with humanity as much as with ourselves. We live in a world full of stories. In fact, we all have a story that is worth sharing. Stories link us to our past and are a glimpse of are future. They tell us about every aspect of life. I’m sure each one of us has a story to share. Stories imbibe in themselves our experiences, our tastes, the way we feel, our minds and our environment.
Storytelling is the ability to see what is not there, then imagine, visualise and convey it to the people and inspire them. Stories have a transformative power. Storytelling indulges people in a way that they are forced to think about certain things in a new light. It is not just confined to storybooks, art, writing or movies. Storytelling is in every aspect of life, be it business or advertising, convincing others to believe something or even a mother trying to make her child eat or sleep.
Storytelling stimulates us, as we feel what the storyteller tells us. They create experiences, a journey where the listener grows with the passage of the story. Storytelling is a means to escape from the pressures of the real world, to forget what is going on and delve into the imaginary world of stories. Stories have been traditionally used since centuries. Folk tales and tribal stories; stories with a moral are wrapped with the cultural knowledge that are encoded in stories.
Stories are like lives. They mirror how we think and experience the world and act as a median for changing minds. It is similarly the way we experience and think about life. The storyteller goes on an inner and outer journey, exploring and experimenting. Finding courage to put together the myriad thoughts, experiences, feelings and create something others can relate to. Stories seek truth and discover more with each word, delving deep into the core of life.

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Shreya Sharma (MCM DAV 36)

Shreya Sharma (MCM DAV 36)


Work in progress. Ambivert. Books are my best friend and writing gives me immense pleasure.
“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.” – Virginia Woolf

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